Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Lagos.

Awolowo way ,Alausa Ikeja

Adeyemi Bero Auditorium Description

History of Adeyemi Bero Auditorium

Adeyemi Bero Auditorium was built.

One of the most used centers in Lagos by both the present and past administration of the state, mainly used for educational, social, economic and political events and with state-of-art facilities.

Security/Safety of Adeyemi Bero Auditorium

This is a very safe location.

  • Keep your belongings properly.
  • Things to do while at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium

    Before heading to Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Attend Seminars.
  • Attend government events.
  • Best Features

    The Adeyemi Bero Auditorium is an events center built by the Lagos State Government for hosting various events concerned with the state. The expansive hall features an ample parking space, a standby generator, a stage and a well ventilated room. It has been used popularly for send-forth ceremonies of retiring state officials as well as numerous symposiums.

    Most common visitors

    Government officials, Individuals, Students.

    Attend public lectures




    Awolowo way ,Alausa Ikeja

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