Dada Pottery, Kwara.


Dada Pottery Description

History of Dada Pottery

Dada Pottery is one of the largest and oldest pottery making institutions in Nigeria.

Security/Safety of Dada Pottery

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Good camera phone or a camera

Things to do while at Dada Pottery

  • Buy some of the pottery works.
  • Pay Owo Iya (matriarch levy)
  • Learn about the history of pottery making.

Best Features

It is a place that celebrates the rich Ilorin pottery-making culture.

Writer's Review

To go learn and experience the rich pottery-making history of Ilorin.

Most common visitors

Curators, Historians, Photographers.

  • Dada Pottery: Where women potters hold sway- Ilorin news info 2014.
  • The pottery works are almost like those of the creator who was the first potter- Yemisi, one of the potters to me.



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