Lagos Country Club (Members Only)

2 Joel Ogunnaike Street, Off Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, GRA Ikeja


Established on the 3rd of August, 1949, the Lagos County Club is reputed as the first Family Club in Nigeria. It is one of the largest clubs in Nigeria with an estimate of over 2000 members from different countries and tribes. One of the outstanding features of its club is its dedication to keeping its members fit and sporty by providing different sport sections, a soccer turf, and a pool. Members get to enjoy sports like Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis, Snooker, and Squash. Also, members get to learn self-defence and discipline in sportsmanship self-defence by practising Taekwondo. In a nutshell, the Lagos Country Club is a haven of recreation and fitness activities. If you are looking for a nice and organized team that work together to make each other feel the bliss of the good life, the Lagos Country Club is the place for you.


Lagos Country Club is a place where you can have fun and meet new people while engaging in social, recreational and sporting activities. Sporting activities are greatly practised and encouraged here, so if you are looking to join the club, get ready to be lured into loving sports. Some of the fun sports activities that are held at this club are snooker, billiards section, darts, lawn tennis. badminton section, table tennis, squash section, swimming, scrabble, taekwondo and aerobics. Lawn Tennis is held in higher esteem than the other sports at the club, and this is no surprise as the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club is an affiliate of the Lagos Country Club.

When you are not smashing balls in the air or dribbling, you can always relax and grab a drink and some snacks at the main bar. Also, there is a large and cool swimming pool in the club arena where you can cool off after a day full of activities. You can also host events such as reunions, parties, wedding receptions, meetings, etc at the club's multi-purpose event hall. Lagos Country Club is a hive of relaxing and refreshing activity and it is just the place to hide for the hustle and bustle of Lagos and the rest of Nigeria.


- Sporting Facilities

- Multipurpose Hall For Events

- Eye-catching Swimming Pool

- Soccer Turf

- Beautiful Scenery

- 5-star Restaurant efficiently managed by competent chefs and staff

- Private Club


Lagos Country Club is a private club, hence only members are allowed to participate in all activities held at the club. However, there are special occasions when non-members are allowed to enjoy some of the fun in the club. On of these are sports tournaments and parties.


To join club members in enjoying some of the fun activity the club offers, it is best to visit the club on days of special events.


This is a very safe location.


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2 Joel Ogunnaike Street, Off Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, GRA Ikeja


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