Lagos Country Club (Members Only)
Lagos Country Club (Members Only)
Lagos Country Club (Members Only)
How to get to Lagos Country Club (Members Only)


By car and motorbike


Things to do at Lagos Country Club (Members Only)


Explore nature, Meet friends, Play,

History of Lagos Country Club (Members Only)

This was established in 1949.

  • It relocated to its present site on May 18th 1963

Built in 1949.

Self-claimed "The premier family club in Nigeria", Lagos Country Club is one of the top social, recreational and sporting clubs in Nigeria with over 2000 active members, with membership cutting across nationalities, tribes and multi-cultures.


This is a very safe location.

Best Features

A place to interact and socialize, Lagos Country Club is a tastefully designed social club that has carved a social niche for itself since its inception synonymous with Prestige and Heritage.

Writer's Review

Equipped with sporting facilities, a multipurpose hall for events, an eye-catching swimming pool, a soccer turf, a beautified landscape and a 5-star restaurant efficiently managed by competent chefs and staff, Lagos Country Club delivers on being the Premier Family Club in Nigeria.

  • Great place - Anders Ibsen

  • Soccer on the artificial Turf is divine - Charles Dada

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