Ibadan Recreation Club, Oyo.

Onireke GRA, Ibadan North

Ibadan Recreation Club Description

About Ibadan Recreation Club

Ibadan Recreation Club was established in 1902.

Formerly known as Ibadan European Club, this former all-British club has been a silent observer and witness to a lot of Ibadan's history.

Security/Safety of Ibadan Recreation Club

This is a very safe location.

Things to do while at Ibadan Recreation Club

Before heading to Ibadan Recreation Club, here are some things you can do there:

  • Take full advantage of the many facilities in the center
  • Socialize and network

Best Features

Equipped with tar and sand tennis courts, a large swimming pool furnished with pool-beds, an indoor squash court and a billiards table, Ibadan Recreation Club offers some quality good-for-your-health fun.

Writer's Review

There is also a large variety of drinks both alcoholic and non-alcoholic provided by the mini-restaurant and bar by the poolside. There is also more than one grill set aside for Barbeque and 'Suya' lovers to order to their satisfaction. Enjoy all of this while you admire the beautiful view of the water’s surface

  • Relax, have a good time and just generally enjoy yourself in good company - Paul Winston





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Onireke GRA, Ibadan North

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