The African Club, Cross River.

Club Road, Off Calabar Road, Duke Town, Calabar

The African Club Description

History of The African Club

The African Club was established in 1903.

This is the first social club in Nigeria. Formed in defiance of the racist European Club that did not admit blacks, the club is one of the most prestigious and exclusive clubs in Nigeria.

Security/Safety of The African Club

This is a very safe location.

Best Features

The club, still much in use with active membership, is a major landmark in the Nigerian entertainment industry and a tourist attraction. Although not as prominent as it once was during its peak years, it is still a place to hang out, exchange tales, learn of the history of the country and enjoy the entertainments that the club provides.

  • Even the emergence of new clubs in town like the ‘larger than life-like’ LUNA Night Club was enough to outshine the African Club. Perhaps because the latter was beyond just partying and the ‘strip tease-esque’ fun but more about wholesome entertainment-John Offiong
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    Club Road, Off Calabar Road, Duke Town, Calabar

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