1004 Housing Estate, Lagos.

Victoria Island

1004 Housing Estate Description

About 1004 Housing Estate

1004 Housing Estate was built in 1979 as a high amenity and upscale estate for the accommodation of senators and members of the House of Representatives.

Comprising over 1004 flats, maisonettes and studio apartments in the Victoria Island district, 1004 Estate is the largest single luxury high rise estate in Sub-Saharan Africa at the moment. Originally opened in 1979, the estate was bought and refurbished by the company 1004 Estate Limited.

Security/Safety of 1004 Housing Estate

This is a very safe location.

Best Features

Its large landscaped and well-groomed garden provide a safe terrain for jogging and walking. It also has four swimming pools and tennis courts to provide a vibrant sporting lifestyle for its residents.

  • Major oil companies, banks scramble for 1004 flats - Proshare, Aug 10, 2006


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Victoria Island

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