Cocoa House, Oyo.

Dugbe business district

Cocoa House Description

History of Cocoa House

Cocoa House was built in July 30, 1965.. It is notable as the first sky scrapper in tropical Africa.

Built by Cappa and D’Alberto company in July 30, 1965..

Cocoa house is a testament to the once lucrative cash crop era of the Nigerian history. It was built from the revenue from cocoa, timber, rubber production and was the first sky scrapper to be built in tropical Africa.

Security/Safety of Cocoa House

This is a very safe location.

Things to do while at Cocoa House

Before heading to Cocoa House, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • See a movie at the cocoa mall.
  • Visit the Odu'a musuem.
  • Visit the Kokodome restaurant.
  • Best Features

    It is an historical site.

    Writer's Review

    To go and see the first sky scrapper in tropical Africa.

    Most common visitors

    Historians, Shoppers, Tourists.

  • Cocoa House : Tropical Africa’s First Skyscraper- Whatsupibadan article in 2013.
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