Osolu Beach, Lagos.

Osolu Kingdom, Lagos

Osolu Beach Description

About Osolu Beach

Osolu Beach.

There are a lot of beaches that dot the Lagos shoreline. Of them all, there are few that are as private and secluded as Osolu Beach.

Security/Safety of Osolu Beach

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

Before heading to Osolu Beach, here are some helpful things to take along with you:

  • Beach clothes
  • Swimming gear
  • Kayak (if you fancy a wild time)
  • Hat (In the mood of the beach, a straw hat will be advised)
  • Mat

Things to do while at Osolu Beach

  • Swim
  • Enjoy the serenading atmosphere
  • Play water sports

Best Features

Tucked far from the burstling activities of the Lagos metropolis, it is an incredible beach with a picturesque look that puts you in a good mood just by sight alone. Only accessible by boat, there are no entrance fee associated here, although there are rental and transportation fees.

Writer's Review

It makes for an awesome group outing where everyone can hang and chill out together. Because it is a relatively quiet beach, there are hardly any peddlers and it is relatively clean. A great location for a romantic getaway, Osolu Beach is the perfect beach outing destination in Lagos.

  • Secluded, private and relatively clean. Hardly any peddlers around...PERFECT getaway!-Irene Wong


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Osolu Kingdom, Lagos

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