Patigi Beach, Patigi.


Patigi Beach Description

About Patigi Beach

Located in Patigi local government, the beach forms a part of the history of Patigi town. The settlement of Pategi had existed before the founding of the Pategi emirate but only grew as a result of the movement to Patigi forming a new emirate. Patigi Beach has a  silky soft sand and a palm-fringed backdrop, its appeal lies in its landscape and activities that you can partake in while on the beach.


This is a very safe location.

Things to Bring

Before heading to Patigi Beach, here are some things to take along with you; a camera, flip flops, picnic set.

Best Features

Its calm environment as well as the view of the fishermen doing their thing is pleasurable.

Best Time to Visit Patigi Beach

Most people prefer to visit during the weekend after the long week hustling and bustling.

Most Common Visitors

Fishermen and fishing enthusiasts also love this place, as flathead, bream, whiting and many other popular species are just a bait away.

Why You Should Visit

Enjoy the tropical sun and take in the ambience of the environment.

Weather at Patigi Beach

Patigi Beach is located in Kwara North-Central of Nigeria.Thus, it experiences three weather conditions annually.  This includes a warm, humid rainy season and a blistering dry season.  In between the two, there is a brief interlude of harmattan occasioned by the northeast trade wind, with the main feature of dust haze and dryness. Temperatures can drop to as low as 16 degrees during the harmattan period.



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