Asaba Beach, Ibusa Road.

Otuogu, Asaba

Asaba Beach Description

About Asaba Beach

Asaba Beach is one of the first things tourists jet off to see when they are in Delta state, the beach is that attractive.With sparkling white sand, palm trees gracing the environment, tropical plants and endless sunshine make the beach a top tourist attraction in asaba. Located in Otuogo, some people prefer to call it Otuogo Beach. The river Niger washes the shore of Asaba and empties itself into the Atlantic Ocean.


There is no threat to security here as this is a very safe place.

Things to Do

Enjoy the sea breeze, have picnic with family and friends and swim on the beach.

What to Bring

Before heading to Asaba Beach here are some helpful things to take along with you; flip flops, swim wear, picnic set.

Best Features

The bright sunset in the wonderful environment.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is during the festive periods and on weekends.

Most Common Visitors

Families, honeymooners, friends, class groups.

Why You Should Visit

There are good sights to capture, explore nature.


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Otuogu, Asaba

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