Suntan Beach, Lagos Badagry Expressway.

Km 67, Seme Border express way, Badagry.

Suntan Beach Description

About Suntan Beach

A hidden jewel in Badagry with beautiful palm trees and huts, Suntan Beach is one of the less talked about but magnificent beaches in Lagos. The quietness takes you to a whole new level and opens your mind to the world. The beach also have horses for a short ride up and down the beach, children rides are also available. The beach has a marriage in the event lovers decide on the spot they are ready to tie the knot already. On the beach, there are bead sellers and women who sell coconuts.


Visitors not need worry about safety here, this is one of the safest places to be. Visitors are advised against daring the sea by moving too deep into the sea.

Things to Do/What to Bring

Try out your hands in fishing, you just might be lucky to catch a few. Horse riding and get entertained by the locals with historical tales. Visitors are advised to go with a camera as this is a good site to take lovely pictures.

Best Features

Locals willing to tell tales and make sure you have a good time, horse riding and not leaving out the marriage registry.

Best Time to Visit Suntan Beach

The best time to visit to visit Suntan Beach is during the weekend when there are a flurry of activities taking place on the beach.

Most Common Visitors

Tourists, Fun seekers, Nature enthusiasts.

Why You Should Visit

The quiet and calm environment makes you feel all the more relaxed. 

Weather at Suntan Beach

Suntan Beach is located at the South-West part of Nigeria. This region has just two season which is the dry and rainy season. The rainy season comes from the month of May till early August while the dry season comes from the month of October till April. Usually, between the month of December and February Harmattan come along.

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Km 67, Seme Border express way, Badagry.

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