Tarzan Beach Resort, Lagos.

Plot 6A, beside Oriental hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

Tarzan Beach Resort Description

History of Tarzan Beach Resort

Tarzan Beach Resort was built in 1980 to allow for a quiet and relaxing time for visitors. It is notable as a fun and serene place for picnics and water sporting activities.

It was built by Tarzan Maritime Nigeria.

Tarzan offers an escape from the reality of school, work, and life. With its wide range of water sports available, you are sure of a good time.

Security/Safety of Tarzan Beach Resort

This is a very safe location.

  • Don't go near the water without supervision

What To Bring

  • A pair of sunglasses
  • Shorts
  • sandals

Things to do while at Tarzan Beach Resort

  • Water skiing
  • Body and wave surfing
  • Picnic

Best Features

Its relaxing ambience.

Most common visitors

Fun lovers, Leisure seekers, Tourists

  • A great place for relaxation, a smooth boat cruise and a birthday groove.- A testimony from Manolis Papayianopoulos


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Plot 6A, beside Oriental hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

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