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Top Bars in Calabar

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The home of tourist, Calabar has become one of the places that you would see thousands of visitors coming to experience what we have been talking about all these years. Calabar is where tourism has taken another shape in Nigeria. You come here and your social life is hyped. We have selected some bars that you may want to use when you are in Calabar.

Mayfair Lounge

Mayfair Lounge is where you can unwind. It is one of the popular bars that you would see in Calabar. It is located in a world class Calabar hotel called Channel View Hotels. During the day, it is more of a relaxation scene where you can munch and sip wine but at night, this is where you would find another type of life. The evenings are vibrant and most exciting with great music.

Jasper 131 Club

Jasper 131 Club is an entertainment hub in the quiet city of Calabar. Come here during the day and everywhere is almost empty. In the night, you are opened to a world of fancy and fast life where you would dance until you are tired. You would enjoy your drinks, music and mingling with others. It has comfortable furniture and the interior design is awesome.

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Beverly Heels

In 2013, Beverly Heels came alive in Calabar and it has become a popular hang-out area in the city. There is a refined clientele for those who appreciate life. Inside is well decorated and there is a WiFi access that is seen throughout the building. This is one of the places where you can hang out with friends. Do not try and come with a handbag, if you are a woman because you would not be allowed to enter with it.

Pinnacle Pub

Pinnacle Pub and Night Club has become a famous bar in Calabar and it is built within a Calabar Hotel named Mirage Hotel. This is a chic bar that brings men and women of class to it. You would love the treatment that is given by the staffs. The environment is blissful and the service is great.

Chester Bar

Within the Transcorp Hotel is where Chester bar is located. Transcorp hotel is a Calabar hotel located in 10 Murtala Mohammed Hwy, Calabar. It is a quaint bar that is located discreetly inside Transcorp lobby. The environment is lovely and would make you want to spend more time here. You can talk business here during lunch hours. The bar would offer you variety of beers, cocktails and any other type of drink.

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