Afi Bakery, Lagos.

Block 1, Elmes Road, Off Edmund Crescent

Afi Bakery Description

About Afi Bakery

Afi Bakery is notable as a place to get fresh pastry and bread.

The Afi bakery offers delicious and freshly made bread, snacks and other pastry foods.

Security/Safety of Afi Bakery

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Cash.

Things to do while at Afi Bakery

  • Try out their sardine bread.
  • Try out their other pastry products.

Best Features

The fact that I can get fresh hot bread easily.

Writer's Review

To go and enjoy a wide range of pastry products.

Most common visitors

Caterers, Event planners.




Block 1, Elmes Road, Off Edmund Crescent

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