Madiba Antique
Madiba Antique
Madiba Antique
How to get to Madiba Antique


By car and motorbike


Art gallery
Things to do at Madiba Antique


Buy/Sell, Explore art, Learn, Relaxation, Sightseeing,

Abuja houses some unique places that offer a one-stop experience to guests. For instance, Madiba Antique is an outdoor grill, restaurant and cafè set within an art gallery.


This is a very safe location.

Best Features

Informed by the need to recognize and celebrate the legendary Nelson Mandela in the Arts and Crafts village, Madiba Antique was opened with a range of services including restaurant, grill, bar, event management, live music, architectural art design and art exhibitions.

Writer's Review

They also have live music from talented musicians who serenade guests during meals, parties and art viewing sessions. Madiba Antique is a recommended spot to enjoy art, a fine dining and unwinding experience.

  • A really cool and relaxed place to unwind. Recently opened and I keep seeing improvements every time I return. Good job-Bashari Bakari

  • Love the soft jazz. Really a nice way to show how beautiful Africa is-Chiama Arinze

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