Arts and Craft Village, Abuja.


Arts and Craft Village Description

About Arts and Craft Village

Arts and Craft Village is notable as the best place to get souvenirs in Abuja.

The arts and craft village aims to represent the diverse and beautiful culture of the Nigerian people via expressions of paintings, beadworks and sculptures.

Security/Safety of Arts and Craft Village

This is a very safe location.

What To Bring

  • Cash.
  • A friend or group of friends- The experience is best shared!
  • Face cap or hat.
  • Face cap or hat.

Best Features

It is rich with diverse artworks from paintings to sculptures to beads.

Most common visitors

Artists, Curators, Collectors, Historians.

  • If you are looking for souvenirs in Abuja, the best place to get it is the Arts and craft village- Kunle, my guide in Abuja.


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