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Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi

About Federal Institute Of Industrial Research, Oshodi FIIRO is a government institution under the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology,the idea behind the establishment of the institute was brought to Nigeria in 1953 by the World Bank following an observation that industrial research activities in Nigeria were uncoordinated and hence has no direction.However the institute was formally established in 1956 with the mandate to aid industrial research in Nigeria,generating technologies and ideas to progress entrepreneurship development in the country. Safety  FIIRO offers no threat to security,hence a safe place to visit Things to Do At the Institute you could do the following things; 1. Get enlightened about the recent entrepreneurship ideas and technological ideas 2. Get updates on the industrial research going on What to Bring Before heading to the institute,you should go along with some writing materials,proper means of identification and a zeal to learn Best Features The institute has a lot of of companies and NGO's benefitting from their research,hence your company could be registered with them,also the institute organises seminars,trainings and workshops individuals could benefit a lot from Best Time to Visit Best Time to visit the institute would be during its working hours when you could get all the assistance you need Most Common Visitors Common visitors are staff,individuals and government officials

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Nigerian Institute of Medical Research

Nigerian Institute of Medical Research

About The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research NIMR is a medical research institute owned and managed by the federal government charged with conducting research into communicable Diseases of Public Health importance in the country, generally developing human and infrastructural capacities for clinical and biomedical research in partnership with health institutions and schools in the country.It's also responsible for making known to the relevant institutions, breakthrough in medical research in the country.It is located in Lagos at  Edmund Cres, Jibowu, Lagos. History of Nigerian Institute of Medical Research NIMR was established under the enabling act of 1977. It aims at becoming an institution of excellence in matters concerning medical research into public health and improving the health sector of the Nation. Safety NIMR is a safe place to visit.   Best Time to Visit The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research The best time to visit NIMR is during its working hours when its staff would be able to give the guests a tour around the institute.   Most Common Visitors Most common visitors to NIMR are doctors, scientists, researchers, excursioners and government officials.   Weather at The Nigerian Institute of Medical Research Nigerian Institute of Medical Research is located at the South-West part of Nigeria. This region has two seasons which are the dry and rainy season. The rainy season comes from the month of May till early August while the dry season comes from the month of October till April. Usually, between the month of December and February Harmattan comes along.

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Nigeria Model Secondary School Mushin

United Muslim Society of Nigeria Nursery & Primary School

Eko Boys High School

Eko Boys High School

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