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Ndibe Sand Beach

Afikpo North

Ndibe Sand Beach

About Ndibe Sand Beach A perfect spot for relaxation, is part of the wide golden sand beaches along the Cross River basin situated in Afikpo North local government area. The Ndibe Sand Beach usually has a large presence during the weekend and on public holidays as fun seekers come for parties and other events. Safety This is relatively safe location. Things to Do Swim, sunbathing, sport fishing, canoe racing, snorkeling, shells exploration. What to Bring Before heading to Ndibe Sand Beach here are some helpful things to take along with you; Picnic set, flip flops, face cap, sunscreen. Best Features The golden sand on the beach is something to behold. Best Time to Visit Ndibe Sand Beach Weekends, public hollidays as well as festive periods are best times to be on the beach as there are a flurry of fun activities to take part in with lots of fun people. Most Common Visitors Everyone who likes to have fun. Why You Should Visit So much fun to be had here, never a dull moment.

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