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Ado Awaye Suspended Lake

Ado Awaye

Ado Awaye Suspended Lake

About Ado Awaye Suspended Lake Ever heard of a suspended lake? The Iyake lake is only one of two suspended lakes in the world and the only of such in Africa, the other suspended lake is the 'Hanging Lake' in Colorado. Cool right? The Ado Awaye Lake is found at the top of the Oke Ado mountain. To get to this lake, you have to climb 369 man made steps. The lake is known for its spiritual importance, it is believed that whatever prayer that is done at the lake would be answered, it is also believed that any barren woman who drinks from the lake would immediately get fertile. Also, it is a taboo to swim or bath in the lake as it is believed that whoever does this would find himself in another planet.  Safety This is a very safe location but guests are advised to not swim in the lake. There is a popular folklore about a white man disobeying these orders and disappearing. Things to Do Drink from the lake, camping, hiking, sight seeing are just some of the things to do at the lake. What to Bring Before heading to the Iyake Lake, here are some helpful things to take along with you; hiking boots, picnic set, bottle, food and drinks - there might not be a place for you to get this around, camera to take amazing photos of the landscape and take selfies with. Best Features It has a beautiful breathtaking landscape, the lake is clear and neat, there are other attractions like elephant tree and ishage rock and footprints of the elders. Best Time to Visit Ado Awaye Suspended Lake The best time to visit Ado Awaye Lake is during the day when there are tour guides to take you around and tell you stories of the lake. Most Common Visitors The most common visitors at the lake are villagers, researchers, fun lovers, nature enthusiasts.  Why You Should Visit To get enlightened with the folklore of the lake and have fun. 

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