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The Olumo Rock

About The Olumo Rock Olumo Rock is a mountain located at the heart of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is one of the most popular attractions in Nigeria with thousands of yearly visitors; both local and international visitors. Derived from two Yoruba words 'Olu' (God) and 'Mo' (moulded), this spot has become the prominent natural piece associated - where tourism is concerned - with the city of Abeokuta, Ogun State. Behind the sheds of the popular Itokun market are structures that serve as the habitats of craftsmen and traders. The locals at the Olumo rock are very welcoming and make the whole visit all the more exciting by taking tourists through the dyeing process amongst other things.   History of The Olumo Rock During the intertribal wars of the 19th century, the Egba people found safety in the Olumo rock. The substructure was given a new look in 2006 and some of the things that accompanied the new look of the rock includes; a new restaurant, museum, a water fountain, an elevator, and the ancient Itoku market where craftsmen and traders go about the daily market activities. Safety This is a very safe location. Things to Do and What to Bring Things to do at the Olumo rock include climbing the mountain on man-made stairs carved into the mountain and rocks. Guests are advised to go along with cameras to take beautiful photos that will be added to their photo albums and bring back magnificent memories. Also, a water bottle is needed during the climb up the mountain. You are advised to wear comfortable but protective clothes as you climb the mountain. Best Features The Olumo rock has folklore of the Egba people and guests would be taken through it by a guide who is available on site. The rock itself is a sight to behold and the Ogun river is also a must-see. One other best feature is that the highest point of the rock is 137 meters above sea level. Best Time to Visit The Olumo Rock The site is always filled with tourists from around the world during the festive periods as a lot of people look forward to being captivated by the folklore of the Egba people. Most Common Visitors The most common visitors are tourists from different parts of the world, also, archaeologists are seen here. Weather at The Olumo Rock The Olumo Rock is located in the South-West part of Nigeria. This region has just two seasons which are the dry and rainy seasons. The rainy season comes from the month of May till early August while the dry season comes from the month of October till April. Usually, between the month of December and February Harmattan comes along. 

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