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Cheap Hotels In Festac

About Festac Town

Festac is a popular federal housing estate in Lagos state. To the east of the town is Mile 2, another housing estate in Lagos, and to the west is the Lagos to Badagry expressway that connects with Lagos State University and other parts of Lagos. Festac is notable for hosting the Second World Festival of Black Arts and Culture in 1977. it also got its name from the festival. The town was built so that it could accommodate the visitors of this festival, as well as Nigerian citizens who worked at the festival. It is an attraction for people looking to stay in low budget houses for its large number of housing buildings.

Visiting Festac Town On A Budget

The cheapest means of getting into Festac Town is by road. There are no airports in the town, international travellers will have to enter by road from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos. Major means of transportation in the town is by buses, taxis, motorcycles, and keke napeps. The cheapest means of getting around, however, is by buses. They are availabble at all junctions and avenues in the town.

Cheap Hotels In Festac

Rockview Hotel

This is a budget hotel that offers pocket friendly rates for its executive and deluxe accommodation options. It is also a favourite location for social events and business meetings.

Korona Suites

Korona Suites offers affordable, yet comfortable rooms to guests of low budgets. The rooms are standard and suitable for both leisure and business travellers.

One Nation Gardens

This budget hotel is located in the centre of Festac Town and features comfortable accommodation options. Guests at this hotel also enjoy complimentary breakfasts, and relaxation at the onsite pool.

Oak Hotel

Oak Hotel is a low budget hotel that offers easy to afford room options to guests without compromising comfort. It features free parking spaces and provides adequate security.

Benny Hotels

This hotel offers great value for money to its guests. The quality of services rendered is a major attraction for guests. The rooms are very comfortable, and parking space is ample.

Peridot Hotel

Munched between Festival Mall and Rumours Night Club, this is a bbudget hotel that offers comfortable accommodation options in its Deluxe, Luxury, and Executive suites.

Paris Suites Hotel

This budget hotel offers great reward for money spent. While the rates are budget inclined, the facilities are tailored to make the stay of guests as welcome as possible.

Tips For Choosing A Budget Hotel In Festac

Travellers choosing a budget hotel in Festac town should consider the hotel’s quality of service in comparison with the other accommodation options. Reviews for certain hotels can be looked up on the website. Those with smaller budgets can compromise on some amenities so that they can get cheaper rates.

Attractions In Festac Town

Like almost every part of Lagos, Festac also has its fun factor, as well as interesting places to visit. Travellers can spend time at any of these places

6.85 /10
LagosFestac -  Plot 641 First Avenue

₦10,000 per night
6.09 /10
LagosFestac -  Plot 241 Festac link road, by Rasaki junctio

₦4,500 per night
6.54 /10
LagosFestac -  Plot 33, 23 Road, 2nd Avenue

₦13,680 per night
7.71 /10
LagosFestac -  6 Avenue 421 Road B Close Plot 1007 Festac Extension

₦0 per night
8.40 /10
LagosFestac -  41 road, D1 Close, opp All saint church, Festac. Close to Amuwo odofin local govt

₦6,000 per night
5.87 /10
LagosFestac -  4th Avenue F Close

₦0 per night
6.58 /10
LagosFestac -  Lake View Phase 1 Plot 1D 3643 By Ican Center.

₦9,000 per night

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