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Affordable hotels in Garki

Enter Garki Abuja

Garki is located in the southwest corner of Abuja, with the Central Business District to the north and Asokoro District to the east. Garki is the principal business district in Abuja with several notable buildings like the Abuja International Conference Centre, General Post Office, Garki Shopping Centre amongst others.

Visiting Garki on a budget

The cheapest means of transportation in Garki is by tricycle. Other means include motorcycles and taxis.

Cheap hotels in Garki

Garki has various cheap hotels, some of which include

Power Mike Hotels

This is a beautifully furnished 2-star hotel offering efficient services and great value at affordable prices. It is easily accessible due to the good road network in the area.

Langfield Royalty Motel

This is a 2-star hotel offering a wide variety of services at affordable prices. The hotel is close to various points of interests such as the General Post Office, Abuja International Conference Centre and much more.

Benny Rose Hotel

This is a moderately priced hotel with close proximity to commercial banks and fast food outlets. It is a business lodging favorite.

Tips for choosing a budget hotel

Consider the services and facilities offered by the hotel, the proximity of the hotel to points of interests and transportation when choosing a budget hotel.

Attractions in Garki

7.28 /10
AbujaGarki -  9 Argungu Close , Off Benue Cresent, Area 1, Garki

₦5,000 per night
7.36 /10
AbujaGarki -  11 Ilorin Street, Area 8

From ₦11,000
to ₦10,000 per night
6.26 /10
AbujaGarki -  24 Dunukofia Street Area 11 opposite Fcda

₦7,000 per night
6.16 /10
AbujaGarki -  Plot 93 Oyo Street, Off Moshood Abiola way, Area 2, Garki, Abuja.

₦12,000 per night
7.00 /10
AbujaGarki -  29, Plot 687, Port Harcourt Crescent, Off Ahmadu Bello Way, Off Gimbiya Street, Area11.

From ₦15,000
to ₦12,900 per night
6.47 /10
AbujaGarki -  36 Port Harcourt Crescent Off Gimibiya Street Area 11

₦15,750 per night
8.74 /10
AbujaGarki -  Number 6, Umudioka Close, off Ngwe close, Area 3, Garki, Abuja.

₦52,500 per night

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