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Affordable hotels in Ikoyi

Experience Ikoyi

Ikoyi is arguably the wealthiest neighborhood in Lagos state, it is the most affluent area in the state and is quite popular with the upper class of the country. It lies to the northeast of Obalende and adjoins Lagos island to the west, and at the edge of the Lagos lagoon.

Visiting Ikoyi on a budget

The cheapest way to get to Ikoyi is via commercial buses, taxis, motorcycles, and tricycles.

Cheap hotels in Ikoyi

There are cheap hotels in Ikoyi including

Ikoyi Fairview Apartments

This is a 3-star luxury hotel with high-level security and efficient premium services. It located about 7mins away from the central business district of Lagos and is close to both Dolphin Estate Police Post and Dodan Military Barracks.

Stella Matutina Guest House

This is an affordable and comfortable guest house in a serene environment providing friendly and modern services to guests and can be accessed easily.

Precinct Comfort Hotel

The hotel offers comfortable accommodation in classy lodgings to elicit customer satisfaction and is situated in a serene environment.

Tips for choosing a budget hotel

When choosing a budget hotel, consider the proximity of the hotel to your points of interests, your budget, transportation and the services offered by the hotel.

Attractions in Ikoyi

7.87 /10
LagosIkoyi -  113a Mainland Way Dolphin Estate Ikoyi

₦13,000 per night
7.09 /10
LagosIkoyi -  89 Lafiaji Way Dolphin Estate

From ₦16,500
to ₦15,000 per night
4.16 /10
LagosIkoyi -  17 Ribadu Road, Off Awolowo Road

₦17,800 per night
5.47 /10
LagosIkoyi -  Plot 14 Royal Palm Drive, Osborne Estate Phase 2

₦25,500 per night
7.71 /10
LagosIkoyi -  89, Lafiaji Way, Dolphin Estate

From ₦20,000
to ₦16,000 per night

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