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Affordable hotels in Maitama Abuja

Enter Maitama Abuja

Maitama, a high-end district in Abuja is an exclusive and expensive neighborhood housing several embassies and high commissions as well as the creme de la creme of the capital city. The area is in the phase 1 plans of the city and is home to several high profile individuals in the country.

Visiting Maitama on a budget

Taxis and tricycles are the cheapest means of transportation in the area.

Cheap hotels in Maitama

Maitama has several cheap hotels, some of which include

Maitama Guest House

The hotel is located in a bustling and lively environment and offers 24hrs power supply as well as premium services and facilities designed to provide a luxurious stay. It is close to IBB Golf Club, Millennium Park and Maitama Amusement Park which are popular places of interests.

Bamboo House

This is an affordable hotel with basic facilities and is ideal for guests who do not plan to spend their time indoors. It is close to Silverbird Cinemas, Millennium Park and other places of interests.

House 9 Apartments

This hotel offers short stay apartments for both business and pleasure in a serene environment. The hotel offers adequate security and modern services.

Tips for choosing a budget hotel

When choosing a budget hotel in Maitama, it is important to check the proximity of the hotel to your place of interest, transportation, services provided by the hotel and your budget. Guests who plan to spend less time in the hotel can compromise on some facilities and save cost.

Attractions in Maitama

6.95 /10
AbujaMaitama -  25, Yedsaram Street

₦8,100 per night
8.27 /10
AbujaMaitama -  #9 Ontario crescent, off Mississippi street,maitama abuja.

From ₦25,000
to ₦15,750 per night
0.00 /10
AbujaMaitama -  25, Limpopo Street, Maitama, Abuja, FCT

₦6,200 per night
6.24 /10
AbujaMaitama -  3 Salt Lake Off Usuma Street

From ₦20,000
to ₦15,000 per night

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