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Best hotels in Abakiliki


Abakiliki is the capital of Ebonyi State in Southeastern Nigeria. It is located 64 km southeast of Enugu, the city lies at the intersection of the Afikpo, Enugu and Ogoja roads. Abakiliki is populated by the Northeastern Igbo of the Afikpo-Abakiliki axis, the city is a center of agricultural trade and is also known for its local lead, zinc, limestone and salt mining industries. The city was also an important center for the slave trade in the 17th century and was the headquarters of the Ogoja Province before the creation of the Southeastern state in 1967. The huge incentives, as well as tax holidays, given to major private investors by the State Government, has brought about an increase in new businesses in the city.

Visiting Abakiliki

The city can be reached by air which is the most convenient and fastest means of getting there. Other major means of transportation include buses, taxis, motorcycles, and tricycles.

Best hotels in Abakiliki

There are several hotels in the Abakiliki that are among the best in the region, some include

Hotel Geneza

The hotel offers comfortable accommodations coupled with superb services in a quiet and tranquil environment.

Alita Hotel and Suites

This is a comfortable hotel equipped with modern facilities offering standard services in a serene environment.

Hotel De Tycoon

The hotel provides premium services in a modern facility designed to ensure comfort.

Tips for choosing a hotel

When choosing a hotel in Abakiliki, consider the services provided by the hotel, the distance between the hotel and your primary interest, transportation and hotel reviews.

Attractions in Abakiliki

7.40 /10
EbonyiAbakaliki -  19 Onwe Road, Abakiliki

From ₦8,500
to ₦7,500 per night
3.52 /10
EbonyiAbakaliki -  14 Nna Street Abakaliki, Behind F.M.C

₦5,500 per night
0.00 /10
EbonyiAbakaliki -  96A, Old Enugu Road, Kpiri Kpiri

₦0 per night
0.00 /10
EbonyiAbakaliki -  #2, Udude Street, Along Ezza Road, Abakaliki

₦8,500 per night

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