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5 star hotels in Umuahia


Umuahia is the capital of Abia State in southeastern Nigeria. Umuahia is traditionally owned by the Ibeku after the early British administrators formed the town in their lands, it lies along the rail road that lies between Port Harcourt to Umuahia’s south and Enugu to the north. It is well known for being an agricultural center since 1916. There are several breweries in the city as well as a palm-oil processing plant. Nigeria’s National Root Crops Research Institute is adjacent the city.

Visiting Umuahia

Umuahia can be reached by air which is the fastest and most convenient means of getting to the city. Major means of transportation within the city include taxis, motorcycles, tricycles, and buses.

5-star hotels in Umuahia

There are 5-star hotels in Umuahia including

Hotel Royal Damgrete

The hotel is located close to the state’s seat of power as well as other places of interest, it offers quality services in a modern facility.

Empire Hotels and Suites

Empire hotels and suites is a luxurious and elegant hotel offering majestic views of the city as well as a serene, safe and relaxed atmosphere.

Eastern Comfort Hotels

The hotel offers superb services in a relaxed and upscale environment.

Tips for choosing a hotel

Consider the proximity of the hotel to your primary place of interest, transportation, reviews and the services offered by the hotel.

Attractions in Umuahia

7.00 /10
AbiaUmuahia -  13/14 Factory Road, GRA

₦20,000 per night
7.27 /10
AbiaUmuahia -  19 Mission Hill

₦12,000 per night
7.30 /10
AbiaUmuahia -  134/136 Aba Road, Umuahia

₦10,000 per night
7.50 /10
AbiaUmuahia -  59 Mission hil, Umuahia, Nigeria.

₦8,800 per night
2.00 /10
AbiaUmuahia -  15 Omama Layout, BCA Road, Umuahia, Nigeria.

₦7,000 per night
0.00 /10
AbiaUmuahia -  Plot 187 Aguiyi Ironsi Layout, Along B.C.A Road

₦10,000 per night
0.00 /10
AbiaUmuahia -  52 School Road, Opposite Stadium

₦7,000 per night

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