Requirements For Getting A Study Visa To Italy from Nigeria

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Italy has become one of the most popular destinations for international students. There are even beliefs that if you study in Italy, you would become too employable for your own good and this goes to show how good the educational system in the country is. Italy has a very welcoming international environment, mouthwatering cuisines, and several top public and private universities. As a Nigerian wanting to study in Italy, you must meet the conditions necessary for getting an Italy study visa.

Italian students from countries of the world
International students in Italy

Conditions for getting a study visa to Italy

  • Have travel documents or a visa valid for three months after your intended stay in Italy.
  • Fill the entry application form.
  • Submit two recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Have proof of enrollment in the school in Italy.
  • Show that you have enough money for your studies. This can be done by presenting a bank statement containing at least € 448,07 per month for the academic year, a total of € 5824,91 per year.
  • You must also have money for your trip back to Nigeria after your studies.
  • Ensure that you have an accommodation ready in Italy. If your school would not be catering to your accommodation, you can rent an apartment.
  • Have medical insurance. Italy is a Schengen country and the minimum medical insurance an individual must have should not be worth less than € 30,000 and must be valid for the duration of the visa.
  • University letter of acceptance.
  • Police clearance certificate stamped and signed.
  • Minors must have the consent of their parents or legal guardian.

Submitting all the required documents does not automatically grant you entrance into the country, your visa application will be considered and then you would be given a visa. When you arrive in Italy, the border authorities still have the right to go through your documents and refuse you entry into the country if they feel you would be a threat to the country.

Once in Italy, you must apply for a residence permit in the city where you would be living within 8 working days after your arrival. The request for the permit should be submitted at the police headquarters (Questura) in the city where you would be staying. International students with a valid permit of stay are allowed to work for a maximum of 20 hours per week and 1,040 hours per year but in order to obtain a residence permit renewal, they must pass their exams yearly.

Visa Processing Time

It takes a minimum of 15 days to process a visa to Italy from Nigeria. The processing time starts counting from the next working day after the application was submitted.

Visa fees

A long term Schengen visa costs 99 euros which is presently equivalent to N39,518. Visa fees are subject to change based on the exchange rate at the time of application.

Embassy of Italy in Nigeria

  • Address: Europe House Complex 21st Crescent, Off Constitution Avenue Central Business District, Abuja
  • Telephone: (+234) 9 460 2970, (+234) 9 460 2971 / 2
  • Fax: (+234) 9 460 2996
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

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