Dubai Visa, Nigeria: Visa Types, Requirements

dubai visa

The capital of one of the 7 United Arab Emirates is Dubai. It is also the second largest and most visited city in the country. This beautiful country is in Southwest Asia, and the predominant language is English. However, Arabic is the official language of the UAE.
In the past two decades, this fast-paced country with architectural edifices on display has transformed into a hub for visitors from all over the world.
Visitors from Nigeria would need a Dubai Visa in order to gain entry into the city, and it is necessary that they first understand the available visa types.

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Dubai Visa Types

The nationality of the foreigner, the purpose of travel and the intended duration of stay plays an important role in entry into Dubai. There are short term and long term visas. Citizens of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member states, do not need a visa to gain entry into the country. All they need is a valid passport or any other valid travel document.
Nigerians need a visa in order to gain entry into the United Arab Emirates. The following are the visa types available:

  • e- Visa: This is issued to UAE nationals, Expatriates resident in UAE, GCC nationals, Residents of GCC, and Visitors.
  • Work Visa
  • Visit Visa: This is of two types, the short-term visit is valid for 30 days, and the long-term visit visa is valid for 90 days.
  • Tourist Visa: This is valid for 58 days from the date of issuance, but the duration of stay is 30 days from the date of entry into Dubai.
  • Transit Visa: Valid for at most 4 days (96 hours).
  • Service Visa: Issued to businessmen and professionals, and is valid for a maximum of 14 days.

Dubai Aladdin City

Dubai Visa Requirements

To be eligible for a Dubai visa from Nigeria, applicants must meet at least one of these requirements:

  1. Applicants should have a travel record to UAE, USA, UK, Schengen countries, Australia, New Zealand and Canada within the last 2 years. International passports can serve as proof.
  2.  A letter from a Nigerian bank stating that they have funds that would suffice for their trip.
  3. Applicants should provide their original account statement as well as salary pay slips.
  4. Payment of a refundable Security Deposit of 1550 US dollars.
  5. Applicants should have a letter of invitation from a relative living in Dubai (Valid marriage and birth certificate).

In addition to meeting any of the above requirements, applicants should have the following documents.

  1. Valid international passport
  2. The employment contract of the sponsor
  3. Proof of family relationship
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Copy of confirmed flight booking
  6. Bank approval letter
  7. Passport-sized color photographs
  8. Visa fee receipt
  9. Visa application form

Every document or information given must be authentic, as there are measures meted out for fraudulent activities which include permanent visa ineligibility.

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How can I apply for a Dubai Visa?

The following steps will help your application for a Dubai visa.

Step 1

Understand the various types of Dubai visas and determine which applies to you.

Step 2

Download and carefully fill the application form for Dubai visa online.

Step 3

Submit the duly filled visa application form and all the supporting documents.

Step 4

Check your email for an approval.

Step 5

Track your application online.

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Where to Get a Dubai Visa Application Form

The visa form is gotten online, on the website of any Dubai visa application center. The form is to be downloaded, printed, filled and then submitted.

Dubai Visa Fee

The type of visa influences the fee. Payment of visa fee is done at the visa application center (Electronic receipt).

Visa TypeVisa Fees (Naira)
Tourist Visa – 30 Days30,000.00
Visit Visa – 90 Days63,000.00
Transit Visa – 96 Hours23,000.00
Service Visa – 14 Days30,000.00
Multi Entry Long Term Visa - 90 Days154,000.00
Multi Entry Short Term Visa - 30 Days61,000.00

How to Submit your Dubai Visa Application

When the Dubai visa online application form is filled, and the visa fee is paid, you can proceed to the Visa application center (VAC) to submit the application. If you do not want to go to the VAC, then you could submit their visa application form and upload the supporting scanned documents online. It is necessary that all the uploaded documents are valid. Also, incomplete forms and documents would be disregarded.

Dubai Visa Processing Time

The visa processing time in Nigeria varies based on the visa type being applied for. Usually, it takes between 2 to 7 working days for all types of Dubai visas to be processed. Specifically, it takes 3 working days to process a Tourist visa and 2 working days for an express tourist visa.

How can I Track my Dubai Visa?

In order for applicants to know their Dubai visa status, visa tracking is required. The visa tracking is possible through a visa application center tracking portal. The visa tracking is done online, using applicant’s reference number and date of birth.


For further details, you can visit one of the many Dubai Immigration websites.

Dubai Visa Application Center, Lagos

Manor House, Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way,
Opposite Treasure Garden Estate,
3rd Roundabout, Lekki-Epe Expressway,
Lekki Phase I, Lagos,

Address and Location of Dubai Embassy in Nigeria

United Arab Emirates Embassy
No 2, Columbia Close Office,
Colorado Street,
Minister’s Hill,
Maitama, Abuja.
Telephone: +234-9875-0270

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Tourist Visa

Issued to persons who want to visit family members, relatives and friends in Dubai from Nigeria. To get your Tourist Visa sign up here

Business Visa

Single-entry visas issued to travelers visiting the country for brief meetings, conferences or lectures. Business visas are usually valid for 90 days.  To get your Business Visa sign up here

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