15 Must-See Tourist Destinations In Jos

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Jos, the capital of  Plateau State, Nigeria,  is famous for its beauty and unique ambience. The city is home to people from nearly all the ethnic groups in the country.   Jos is a city of many wonders which makes it a popular holiday destination for both tourists and expatriates based in Nigeria. There are so many thing you can do and place you can visit in Jos. It may even get a bit overwhelming, trying to experience all that the city has to offer.

We’ve created a quick guide to help you navigate the wonders of Jos easily.

1. Jos Museum Complex

Jos museum, museums in NigeriaJos is the home of the first museum in Nigeria. The Museum is situated at the foot of a tree-covered granite mountain named Coronation Hill. History tells us that the pre-historic Nigeria is deeply rooted in Jos, as seen in its Nok Art. The Museum has an accumulation of some fine specimens of Nok terracotta heads and other artefacts dating from 500 BC to AD 200.

Entry into the Jos Museum Complex costs N50

2. Wase Rock

josWase Rock is a rock climber’s paradise. The rock is one of the five breeding places of the White Pelican in Africa. The poise of the rock is irresistible as it towers into the sky. Wase Rock provides a kind of protective shield for the Wase community. This may be why the community has never recorded any invasion by intruders, despite various attempts. With the kind of view the summit of the rock offers, your visit to Wase Rock will definitely be unforgettable.


3. Rayfield Holiday Resort

tourist destinatiions in JosRayfield Holiday Resort is a man-made resort. The resort is suitable for a romantic weekend getaway,  The best time to visit the resort is from October to February, at this time the weather is warm and dry and ideal for a boat cruise. At the resort, you can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, horse riding sports fishing and indoor games. The resort has a theatre for live performances, a boating anchor point by a bank of the biggest of the lakes, a shopping centre, and a children’s recreation park.

4. Riyom Rock Formation

Riyom Rock Formation is so called because of its location in Riyom Town. It is 25 kilometres from Jos along the Jos-Akwanga road and is one of the most spectacular rock formations the country. The rock served as the geographical boundary of Plateau State long before the state was even created.

5. Kurra Falls

Tourist Destinations in JosSurrounded by lakes, Jos has its own waterfall called the Kurra Falls. Kurra Falls was formed as a result of tin mining in Jos, which has since been put to a stop. The man-made beauty is used by Nigerian Electricity Supply Company (NESCO) to generate electric power for a large number of communities. Nonetheless, the Falls is open to visitors and you may even take a swim if you wish.

6. Solomon Lar Amusement Park

Tourist destinations in JosSolomon Lar Amusement Park is named after the former governor of Plateau State, Chief (Dr.) Solomon Daushep Lar. The park combines the beauty of nature with man-made facilities to offer the very best in outdoor entertainment. Solomon Lar Amusement Park brings adults and children together into its exciting world where fantasy is supreme. It is a good site for picnics and recreation The park is home to a swimming pool, playground for children, artificial lakes.

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7. Kurang Volcanic Mountain

Tourist destinations in JosThe beauty of  Kurang Volcanic Mountain is amazing. The volcanic mountain consists of highlands washed by fetching springs. These Islands supply the well-known spring water (SWAN) with natural spring water bottled right at this natural spring.  You cannot beat the splendour that comes from the Kurang Volcanic Mountain.

8. Naraguta Leather Works

Tourist destinationsNaraguta Leather Works is a centre that has a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship in the production of leather items in Nigeria. Here, you will have an opportunity to witness craftsmen at work,  as they produce items such as leather cushions, shoes, carpets, slippers, and a variety of other leather items that are irresistible. At the centre, you will also witness traditional leather preservation methods.

9. Shere Hills

Shere Hills, at 1,829 metres above sea level, is the third highest point in Nigeria. Her rocks and formations with peaks and dips that would be great for you if you love to rock climb. Shere Hills features a scenic range of hills which offer a view of the city below. They offer fantastic opportunities to mountain climbers and hill walkers alike. You could make your hike up Shere Hills a family or group bonding experience.  You are all sure to have a swell time.

10. Assop Waterfalls

Assop Falls is must-see for all those who visit Jos. The waterfall is hidden in a forest in the middle of scenic rocks and appealing trees, surrounded by rocks in the hilly Hawan Kibo Mountains. The Assop waterfall splashes on rocks as it cascades into a large pool of water below. No doubt you will be delighted with the power, speed, and magnificence of the waterfall.

11. Helena Farm

Also known as the Rose merchant, Helena Farm is a farm where ornamental vegetables and herbal plants are cultivated. If you are a lover of fragrant flowers, you should definitely pay this farm a visit. Some of these plants are; Roses, Carnation, Herbs and vegetables like Dill, Basil, Rosemary, Asparagus, Broccoli, Lettuce, Cucumber, Cauliflower, Leek and much more. The Roses produced here are a sight and fragrance to behold. They are beautiful and will excite even the most ardent pessimist. Most of the roses grown here are exported.

12. Pandam Game Reserve

tourist attractions in josPandam Game Reserve is situated beside the Lafia-Sandham. The Game Reserve and Wildlife Park is home to rare animals and exotic birds. This natural animal habitat has drawn tourists and researchers from countries around the world. The Reserve is a preservation centre for a chimpanzee, gorillas, drill monkeys and many other endangered primates. Pandam Reserve is a perfect destination for a family outing. Parents can take their children here to experience the amazing wildlife it offers.

13. Jos Zoological Garden and Wildlife Park

Tourist attractions in joa This zoo is almost 60 years old and is the oldest zoo in Nigeria.The zoological garden is a wonderful tourist destination in Jos. At the wildlife park, you will find a rare collection of animals and birds. The Pine forest and the Vongnifwel Hill are the park’s picnic areas which a great for a family day out.

14. Panyam Fish Farm

Tourist attractions in josThe 65-year-old Panyam Fish Farm is reputed to be the largest fish farm in West Africa, with ponds spanning about 10 acres. At this fish farm,  you can enjoy the sport of fishing with by yourself or your family and friends.

15. Joseph Gomwalk House

Tourist attractions in JosThis house is named after Joseph Gomwalk who was a Nigerian police commissioner and the first Military Governor of Benue-Plateau State. It is the tallest building in Jos and is right next to the No.1 suya spot in Jos. You can enjoy special suya complemented with cold drinks here.


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