A Comprehensive Guide Of Cheap Hotels in New York

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New York City is a large and bustling metropolis in the United States. The closest cities to this city are Philadelphia and Baltimore, while a large part of its area is built on three islands, Long Island, Manhattan, and Staten Island. New York is one of the most visited places in the world. It is known as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. it is also the most populous city in the United States. The City is a major attraction for tourists, businesses, photographers, students who want to attend schools like Columbia University and New York University, musicians, among others.

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Visiting New York City On A Budget

Travellers from outside the United States can only get into New York by air. The New York metropolis has several airports including the popular John F. Kennedy International Airport. Travellers can look for airlines offering the cheapest flights to New York. Major means of transportation in the city include NYC Taxicabs, Buses, and Subways. the NYC buses are the cheapest means of getting around in New York City.

Cheap Hotels In New York City

New York is a very busy area thanks to the many residents and visitors that are around throughout the year. As a result, there are lots of accommodation options in the metropolis and beyond. Here are some selected hotels for low budget travellers.

Hotel Pennsylvania

This is a budget hotel that offers guests great value for money. It is a traveler’s favorite for its proximity to Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

Broadway Hotel and Hostel

An affordable hotel with dormitory-style accommodations suitable for family vacations on a budget. It is an ideal location for tourist activities.

Hotel 31

Hotel 31 is a budget hotel that offers affordable and comfortable accommodation to its guests. It is located in the Central Manhattan area of New York.

Days Inn Hotel New York City-Broadway

A budget hotel that is suitable for both business and leisure travelers. it offers comfortable room options at an affordable price. a great location for its proximity to the Metro Station.

Wellington Hotel

Wellington Hotel is a 3-star hotel that offers luxurious, yet affordable hotel services. A popular location for couples because of its restaurant which serves Mediterranean delicacies.

The Roger Hotel

The Roger is a boutique hotel that offers guests great value for money. the rooms at this hotel offer spectacular views of the Manhattan landscape. times Square is just a Kilometre away.

Pod 51 Hotel

This hotel is suitable for both leisure and business travellers. it combines a great location and value for money. The hotel also provides daily tours of the city for guests.

Pod 39 Hotel

Pod 39 is a traveller’s delight. A premium budget hotel that offers comfortable accommodations at an affordable price. Guests love the restaurant, lounge, and the rooftop bar.

Tips For Choosing A Budget Hotel In New York City

This wonderful City welcomes visitors every time of the year. It is of no surprise then that hotels can be found in every location in the city. Travellers must consider the proximity of the location of their primary interests to the hotels of their choice. Travellers should also check for the hotel services that meet their demands as they may differ from each other. those looking to spend a short time in the city can compromise on some facilities to get cheaper rates.

Attractions In New York City

New York is home to some of the world’s most visited attractions, as well as a haven for finance and media activities. Some of the most popular ones include:
Central Park
Statue Of Liberty
Empire State Building
Central Park
Times Square
Rockefeller Centre
Brooklyn Bridge
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Bryant Park
Grand Central Terminal
Colombia University
One World Trade Centre
Madison Square Garden
Liberty Island

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