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Akure is the capital city of Ondo state. It is also referred to as the “Sunshine city.” Students, youth corp members, tourists, businessmen are some of the people that make up the population of this city. It is highly populated by the Yoruba ethnic group who are indigenes of the place. This part of the country also engages tourists’ interest as it has centres of attractions like Ebomi Lake tourist centre, Deji of Akure palace, Cave Ashes Isharun, Igbokoda waterfront. If you are visiting Akure for the first time and would like to have a swell time as you carry out your business activities or whatever you went there for. You should pick your choice out of the best hotels in Akure that you will find on this page.

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Sunview Hotel Akure

Sunview hotel is at No. 8 El Shaddai road G.R.A, Alagbaka Akure. This a serene part of the city where your relaxation or siesta time won’t be disturbed. It is close to nice places like the Alagbaka fountain and Alagbaka park close where you can do your one-stop shopping. The hotel’s facilities include dry cleaning, gift shop, gym, jacuzzi, adequate parking space, wireless internet, 24-hours electricity, air conditioning, bar/lounge, outdoor swimming pool, children playground, restaurant, flatscreen TV etc.

There are three restaurants in the hotel; they include the Crockpot—serves continental dishes; the La Giara Italian restaurant—prepares Italian cuisine and the pool terrace where you can enjoy the hotel’s famous barbecues. The room types in the hotel are double deluxe, classic, elegant and triple. They are within the price ranges of N9000-N22000. The security guards in the hotel ensure that the hotel is safe and protected from hoodlums. Checking in and checking out of the hotel starts from noontime.

Royal Birds Hotel & Towers Akure

This is one of the best budget hotels that you will find in Akure. Its location is at Alagbaka quarters, GRA, 234340, Akure. A lot of reputable banks surround this environment and it is also close to the Senior staff club Alagbaka. The hotel boasts of facilities like air condition, wireless internet, adequate parking space, restaurant, fitness facilities, 24-hour electricity, study desk, swimming pool, bar, supermart, meeting and events facilities. The restaurant offers both Nigerian and continental dishes and the bar is always 24 hours open. You could relax by the poolside with the idyllic cocktails the bar will serve you.

Security guards are on 24-hours patrol in the hotel’s premises. Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

The rooms in the hotel are classified into a deluxe double room, tower double room and tower suite. They are within the price range of N15000-N40000. This is an ideal and affordable place to stay in Akure.

Jojein Hotels and Resorts

Jojein hotels and resorts have its location at Airport road, Oba Ile, Akure, Ondo state. It has almost everything you can think of for your recreational activities. There is a lawn tennis court, swimming pool, spa & massage, fitness centre, gym, squash court etc. It also has some other standard facilities like restaurant, in-house bar, refrigerator, dry cleaning, air conditioning, wireless internet, 24-hours electricity, adequate parking space, pool bar, flatscreen TV and many more.

The rooms have elegant furnishings and are classified into deluxe, standard, classic room and super deluxe. From the windows of the room; the sunny view of “the sunshine city” opens up to you. The nightclub in the hotel opens every Friday evening and offers both contemporary and old school jams. The prices of the rooms are within the range of N10,000-N23,000. They are concerned about your safety; hence, security guards patrol the grounds of the hotel round the clock.

Royal Parklane Hotel

Royal Parklane is an elegant hotel situated at 56/58 Fajuyi street Ijapo estate Akure. It has a modern design with beautiful flowers gracing the hotel’s entrance. Making guests feel welcome in its friendly and bright environment. The facilities in the hotel include swimming pool, bar/lounge, adequate parking space, gym, 24 hours electricity, daily newspaper, pool bar, air conditioning, dry cleaning, room service, wireless internet etc. The rooms are well equipped with necessary amenities like refrigerator, study desk and flat-screen TV. The standby generators efficiently work well and as a result, there’s nothing like a power outage in the hotel. Delicious local dishes are prepared in the onsite restaurant.

The security guards on patrol ensure that your stay is safe and secure. Room types in the hotel include single room deluxe, standard double room, classic double room and mini studio single. Prices are within the range of N7,000-N15,000. Checking in and checking out of the hotel starts from noon time and is promptly carried out.

Flourish hotel Akure

Flourish hotel is at plot 14, block XLI, GRA, along WAEC office road, Alagbaka, Akure. It is 30 minutes away from the Akure airport and also in close proximity to banks like Keystone bank, Fidelity Bank and First City Monument Bank. The hotel has a lot of nice facilities which include car rental, restaurants, taxi pickup, laundry, 24 hours electricity, luggage storage, adequate parking space, gift shop, bar/lounge, suya spot, 24 hours electricity etc. you can get both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in the bar and the on-site restaurant serves both local and Chinese cuisine. There is also a pastry shop in the hotel where you can enjoy delicious pastries and ice cream.

The hotel has a high level of security measures; there is a CCTV camera, electric fence, key card system and security guards on the premises. The rooms are classified into the classic room, deluxe room, sunshine and royale. All within the price range of N8000-N12000.

Parliament Hotel Akure

Parliament hotel is at Alagbaka, the house of assembly road, Akure. It is very close to the Ondo state house of assembly and a very cool place to stay for your vacation or business trip. The main facilities in the hotel include plasma television, open bar, 24 hours electricity, air conditioner, conference hall, restaurant, DSTV, bedroom fridge etc. This hotel takes your comfort and convenience as its number one priority.

There are surveillance cameras (CCTV) in the hotel premises and also security guards. The room types in the hotel are a standard room, VIP room, royal suite and governor suite. This is one of the budget hotels in Akure and so the prices of the rooms are fair. Pets are not allowed and you can only smoke in designated areas of the hotel.

Emperor Hotel & Suites Akure

You will find Emperor hotel & Suites at plot 9 Otunba Adetunji Adeleye street(behind CBN) Alagbaka GRA. It is very close to the Central Bank of Nigeria at Alagbaka. The standard facilities and services in the hotel include Adequate parking space, ATM, restaurant, 24 hours electricity, gym, WiFi internet, babysitting, laundry, airport pickup, spa treatment, air conditioning etc. In the onsite restaurant, you could make a choice between satiating your taste and hunger with either African dishes or continental dishes. Also, there is an assortment of exotic drinks in the bar.

The room types are a single room, double room, elegance room and suites—all within the price range of N9000-N30000. There is a security guard on 24 hours patrol in the hotel.

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