12 Affordable Wedding Venues in Nigeria

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The vows, the small chops, the Jollof rice, the open bar… these are a few things that make a Nigerian wedding go superbly. As powerful as these things might be, they do not come close to the importance of having a good venue. This is because; the venue helps in creating the perfect ambience. However, beautiful wedding venues can be, well, quite pricey and for someone who is looking to celebrate their special day while maintaining an affordable budget, those pricey places would most likely not cut it. So, here are 12 affordable wedding venues in Nigeria that have been curated for your viewing pleasure and also to help you make a good choice.

1. Chida International Hotel, Abuja

The hotel is located in Utako, Abuja. The hall in Chida International Hotel is not specifically for weddings but can fit a capacity of at least 150, banquet hall style. The colour scheme and style of the hall affords the event decorator the freedom to transform the venue however they please. The conference hall in question costs ₦250, 000 but it does not include decor or rental charges.

Chida intl hotel, Abuja, wedding venues in Nigeria

2. Jaekel’s Museum House, Railway Compound, Lagos

This place is perfect for those who want an outdoor wedding in a low key area. The setting is very rustic as the colonial style House which is now a museum creates a certain retro ambience. There is even the Jaekel’s Secret Garden that is absolutely perfect for taking wedding pictures. Also, there is the historic rail car that contains two seats which would also be a good inspiration for the wedding photographer. It is located at Railway Compound, Ebute-Metta, Yaba, Lagos. The compound costs ₦150,000 a day minus any decor and that is a good steal compared to the recent wedding venue price deals. It can contain at least 300 guests, depending on the decor style.

Jakael railway compound, affordable wedding venues in Nigeria

3. Spring Place Event Centre, Port Harcourt

Spring Place Event Centre is a place that assures you quality for your money and then some more. Their event halls are quite affordable and they come with a decor plan that is suited to what the customer wants. On their site, they give visual assurance of the quality of their work in form of the top-notch pictures that they feature of the events they organise/ stage in their event halls. They have different event venues which help the customer to pick whichever venue according to preference. The venue is also located in the heart of Lagos Mainland and on the widely known Herbert Macaulay Way, Lagos, making it quite easy to locate. Their event halls are anywhere from ₦300,000 to ₦1,000,000 naira.

Spring place event centre

4. Palazzo Dumont, Lagos

Some folks prefer their wedding to be a day they spend with the people they love the most. Their family, close friends and the small chops guy. Which is no problem, but where an issue arises is finding that perfect hall for a small audience that does not look shabby or too scanty. Palazzo Dumont is a tasteful choice and their conference hall which can fit about 150 guests, banquet style can be attractively decorated to be aesthetically pleasing. Palazzo Dumont is located in Lekki, Lagos and the cost of the venue in question (excluding decor) is ₦250,000 naira only.

Palazzo Dumont, affordable wedding venues in NIgeria

5. Unilag Multipurpose Hall, Lagos

This hall, as the name implies serves multiple purposes as it is used for all kinds of events. It can contain at least 350 guests and can only be booked at least two weeks beforehand because of how many people want use of the venue for different events. It costs anywhere from ₦350,000 to ₦400,000 including cleaning and caution charges. The venue also has a parking space for guests. Another added advantage, fairly easy to locate and this could reduce the chances of your guests getting lost on their way to the location. However, this cost does not contain decor or event furniture rentals. The Multipurpose Hall also comes with a platform that can be used to host the couple and their families as it is elevated and can be further decorated to look more ceremonial.

Unilag multipurpose hall, Affordable wedding venues in Nigeria

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6. Agura Hotel, Abuja

Agura Hotel is located at Abuja and it has several venue options which the couple can choose from. Their packages are very affordable and their smallest venue can contain at least a hundred guests when set up with tables. Their major hall options include the Banquet Hall 1, Banquet Hall 2 and the Mercury Hall and cost ₦120,000, ₦150,000 and ₦180, 000 respectively. However, these charges do not include decor or cleaning charges.

Agura Hotels, affordable wedding venues in Nigeria

7. All Seasons Hall, Lagos

This hall is located at 35, Town Planning Way, Shagari Estate, Ipaja, Alimosho, Lagos. The hall, unlike some others on this list, is especially for events. The services they offer highlight this. Also, this hall would be perfect for the couple who know that they would have quite a number of guests at their wedding but have a budget to maintain. The optimal capacity of the hall is 500 while the maximum capacity is 750. The halls go for ₦250, 000 on a weekday and on weekends, (Sat-Sun). They offer decor and rental services, security, access to restrooms and changing rooms, air conditioning and generator power supply. The costs of these services are inclusive of the general fee.

Affordable wedding venues in Nigeria

8. Excel Oriental Hotel & Suites, Lagos

Excel Oriental is true to its name in that the facilities in the hall are put in place to make it more appealing. The banquet hall costs ₦250, 000 and admits a capacity of 200 people when arranged banquet style. The fee for the hall does not include cleaning and waste removal charges (₦30,000) or the mandatory insurance charge of ₦5,000. The hotel is at Ikeja, which is the capital of Lagos.

Excel Oriental hotels and suites, Affordable wedding venues in Nigeria

9. Etal Hotels and Halls, Lagos

Etal Halls has the Bridal package that is after a girl’s heart. Their services are winning on many counts and their banquet hall can contain 400 people, yes 400 for ₦350,000 on a weekday, and ₦450, 000 on Saturday. The hall comes with a complimentary changing room and one free night stay for the bride and groom. Also, decoration services and logistical items like coolers and drums can be made available on request with no additional cost.

etal Hotels event venue, affordable wedding venues in Nigeria

10. Panda Event Centre (Platinum/Middle Hall), Lagos

This hall is at Plot 112, Commercial Avenue, Oyadiran Estate, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. Its optimal guest capacity is 300 guests, banquet style. However, it can be modelled to fit 350 guests as its highest capacity. The hall offers additional services of which the costs are inclusive of the total fee. They offer rental and decor services, security, access to changing rooms and restrooms, air conditioning, uninterrupted power supply and parking spaces for guests. On weekdays, the hall goes for ₦180,000 per event and on the weekends, (Sat-Sun) it costs ₦260,000 only.

Panda event centre, Lagos

11. Muffy Hall, Lagos

This event hall only recently started their services in early 2016 at Alagomeji Bus stop after they re-purposed what used to Mr Biggs. A one-storey multipurpose hall used for a variety of purposes. The hall services include furniture rental services, power supply, air conditioning and parking space for guests. Also, the general charge includes cleaning and waste disposal charges. The total cost of this venue is anywhere from ₦350,000 to ₦500,000.

12. YCC Hall St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, Lagos

This event hall used for multiple events is quite easy to get so far booked on time and through the proper channels. Just like the Unilag Multipurpose Hall, it has a parking space in front of the building for guests. The main event venue stands upstairs and the ground floor serves as a sort of foyer for guests coming to an event in the location. It also has a high platform where guests can sit and its capacity is anywhere from 100 to 300 people depending on the decor. The event venue in question goes for ₦250,000 excluding decor charges.

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