Travel guide to Kano: all you should know about the center of commerce

The city of Kano

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Kano is the state capital of Kano in North West, Nigeria. Kano is the commercial nerve center of Northern Nigeria and is the second-largest city in Nigeria. It is situated in the Sahelian geographic region, south of the Sahara. Kano is a major center for the production and export of agricultural products like hides and skins, peanuts, and cotton.

Kano State is also the largest industrial center in Northern Nigeria with major industries including textile, tanning, footwear, cosmetics, plastics, enamelware, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, furniture, and other industries. Others include agricultural implements, soft drinks, food and beverages, dairy products, vegetable oil, animal feeds, etc. Kano State is officially called Nigeria’s Center of Commerce, with daily trade volumes of over N20 Billion.

Best time to visit Kano

Kano is typically very hot throughout the year, though from December through February, the city is noticeably cooler. Nighttime temperatures are cool during the months of December, January and February, with average low temperatures of 11 to 15 °C (52 to 59 °F). It is best to visit anytime you please, but it is important to dress lightly due to the hot weather.

How to get to Kano

Going to Kano is as easy as it gets, with or without travel agents or tour guides. Entrance into the city can be made via the major means of transportation available including airplanes, trains, and vehicles.

By Air

Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport operates flights coming in from other airports in countries within and outside Africa. Airlines are available at the airport including EgyptAir, Middle East Airlines, Sudan Airways, etc. There are also domestic flights at the airport, which are operated by airlines such as Arik Air, IRS Airlines, and Aero Contractors.

By Road

Contractors are available for inter-state transportation into Kano State. ABC Transport Plc, Chisco Transport, Peace Mass Transit, Young Shall Grow Motors, Bestway Transport Ltd, Gide Transport and Logistics Ltd, Gobison Motors Nigeria Ltd, Ground scale Nigeria Ltd, and Ogoja Travellers are all ideal road transport companies for road travelers. Sabon Gari Luxury Park is the major bus park in the city.

By Train

This is an inter-state train station. If you plan on journeying by rail to Lagos, Port Harcourt, and other parts of the country, this is your starting point. Before heading to Kano Railway Station, here are some helpful things to take along with you: Your boarding ticket.

Getting Around Kano

The most common means of transportation in Kano are the motorbikes. There are also city cabs which wear a blue and yellow look. The cabs can be flagged anywhere in the metropolis. Transportation costs are generally at a minimum of a hundred naira from one location to another within the metropolis.

Lodging In Kano

 There are a number of wonderful hotel accommodations available for both business and leisure travelers. Hotels are available for both budget and luxury categories.

Grand central hotel at 1 Bompai Road, Sabon Gari, Kano. Prices of rooms start from N16, 000.

Nassarawa Guest House at 314, Lamido Road, Kano. You can book these rooms for prices as low as N7, 000.

Tahir guest place at 4 Ibrahim Natsugune Road, Kano. Room prices start at N20, 000

Prince Hotel at Tamanu Road, off Audu Bako Way, Kano. Room categories include the standard room, executive room, villa, and 2-bedroom villa.

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Places To Eat In Kano

Cilantro Restaurant and Lounge

This restaurant is open every day of the week and offers a wide selection of items on its menu including Indian and Chinese cuisines, Vegan options, and Halal delicacies. Guests at the restaurant can enjoy the delicacies for prices between N1, 600 – N4, 800.


Corner, located at Lafia Road, serves exquisitely prepared Indian cuisines, Arabian grilled chicken, barbequed kebabs, as well as Cappuccinos. They also run a full bar where drinks can be bought. Prices range between N1, 920 – N7, 360. You can make reservations, order takeout or request delivery of food.

Pizza & Burger Hott

Pizza & Burger Hott is located at 131, Lamido Crescent, Kano. You can enjoy quickly yet deliciously prepared pizza for an affordable price. The pizzas come in different varieties and toppings depending on your choice.

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Interesting Places to Visit in Kano

Kofar Matar Dyeing Pits

The Kofar Matar Dyeing Pits is a 500-year-old in Kano state. Operations in the pits have never ceased since its creation. The Kofa Matar dyeing pits are famous all over the world and is a major reference point in international museums and other artistic literature.  Here, you can have the first-hand experience of how the dyeing process is carried out.

Kurmi Market

The age-long traditional market, once known for its involvement in the transatlantic slave trade, is the ideal destination to purchase almost everything in Kano. Afrocentric tourists would find the Kurmi market very attractive for its sale of cultural items like handcrafted beads and jewelry, dyed textiles, sculptures, and other woven materials.

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Drinks in Kano

Zobo, Kunun aya, and Fura de nunu are local drinks made from natural products. They can be bought from roadside traders or hawkers. Alcohol might not be easy to come by due to district religious laws. Therefore, you might need to negotiate your way into getting them from hotel staff or ultimately get them from one of the night bars.

Nightlife In Kano

TDB Bars

This is a popular hangout for both foreign and indigenous guests. It serves affordable drinks and food and is a well-guarded facility.

Le Circle and Mingles

This is the perfect destination for people who like to dance. For a night of nonstop music and dancing, do visit the Le Circle and Mingles Bar.

California Nightclub

California Nightclub is an extension of the California Hotel at Sabon Gari, Kano. It is suitable for guests of the hotel who can head down to the bar after enjoying dinner at the restaurant.

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