Swift is a telecommunication service provider founded in 2002 when it obtained a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) license from Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) to provide multi-service broadband connectivity service to businesses and residential users.

Swift was established to create full spectrum telecommunication institution of choice, deliver high quality workforce, utilize the best in modern technology and also create superior quality services.

Swift has a network coverage of 2G,3G and 4G/LTE in Nigeria with a download speed of 14.10Mbps and 1.70mbps as the upload speed.


Swift weekly Bundles

Data Plans Bundle Size Price Validity
Swift  Budget 750Mb 500 7 Days
Swift Value 2Gb 1000 7 Days
Swift Value Plus 1Gb 2000 7 Days
Merit New 3Gb 3000 15 Days

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Swift Monthly Bundles

Data Plans Bundle Size Price Validity
The Nomad 30Gb 30GB 22000 30 Days
The Nomad 35Gb 35GB 25000 30 Days
The Nomad 20Gb 20GB 20000 30 Days
Swift Dual Band Modem 120Gb 120GB 45000 60 Days
Swift Dual Band Modem 50Gb 50GB 35000 30 Days
Swift Dual Band Modem 20Gb 20GB 32500 30 Days
Swift Dual Band Modem 30Gb 30GB 29500 30 Days
Unlimited Whatsapp 6GB 3500 30 Days
Swift Budget Plus 3GB 2000 30 Days
Swift Night 14GB 4000 30 Days
Swift Economy 8GB 4000 30 Days
Swift Essential Mini 10GB 5500 30 Days
Swift Family 40GB 7000 30 Days
Swift Essential 30GB 7500 30 Days
Swift Family Plus 68GB 10000 30 Days
Swift Essential Plus 20GB 9000 30 Days
Swift Club 50GB 11000 30 Days
Swift Club Plus 35GB 12000 30 Days
Swift Business 48GB 12000 30 Days
Swift Premium 75GB 16000 30 Days
Swift Premium Plus 60GB 17000 30 Days
Swift Elite 100GB 20000 30 Days
Swift Elite Plus 125GB 25000 30 Days
Swift Elite Special 100GB 26000 30 Days
Swift Elite Pro 150GB 30000 30 Days

Swift Quarterly Bundles

Data Plans Bundle Size Price Validity
Swift Dual Band Modem 200Gb 200 GB 66000 180 DAYS

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