Top 5 Long-Distance Road Transport Companies In Nigeria.

Road transport companies in Nigeria

Last updated on September 8th, 2020 at 11:42 am

Nigeria, a country blessed with over 200 million people and can be regarded as a big market for any form of business including the road transport business. Over the years, road transportation has been recognized to be the most popular and available means of transportation in Nigeria, with over 60% of travellers within Nigeria using this as a constant means of transport.

There are at least 100 registered transport companies running across board in Nigeria and many more are springing up annually. It is almost impossible for a traveller to encounter challenges while trying to locate a transport company that plies their intended travel destination. 

Here is a list of our top 5 long-distance road transport companies with regards to Location, prices, and quality of service:


God is Good Motors also known as GIGM was founded in 1998 and has its headquarters in Benin City Edo State. Operating in over 18 states and 35 terminals Across Nigeria, GIGM has consistently been ranked as one of the best road transport companies in Nigeria.

Widely recognized as the first road transport company in Nigeria to have an official website that enables Electronic ticketing and cargo Monitoring, GIGM has consistently ensured customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a 24 hours online customer support team.

They created a standard in terms of customer safety and comfort by ensuring that their drivers(often referred to as Captains) drive at an official speed of 110km/hr and their buses are well in order with functional AC’s, stereos and DVD players to ensure entertainment and comfortability of their passengers.

Click here for more detailed information on GOD IS GOOD MOTORS prices, location, and online booking.

GOD IS GOOD MOTORS headquarters in Benin city.


Peace Mass Transport (PMT) was founded in 1995 and has its headquarters in Enugu state. Peace Mass Transport is a subsidiary of Peace Group NG and engages in both long and short distance trips across major cities in Nigeria.

PMT is popularly known for its moderate pricing system without relenting in the quality of services rendered.

Passenger’s safety is also not taken for granted as they equip their buses with speed limiters and monitors ensuring that their drivers do not exceed 120km/hr.

Intending customers can book their tickets online through their official website or using a third-party booking site.

Find more detailed information on Peace Mass Transport services, bookings and prices here.

Peace Mass Transport Shuttle Bus


Young Shall Grow Motors is one of the oldest road transport companies in Nigeria, established in 1972 and today recognized as one of the largest luxury road transport companies in Nigeria. Young Shall Grow transverse across all sections of Nigeria including some West African countries such as Ghana, Benin Republic, etc. Their head office is located at Mamaza, Lagos State and has outlets in over 15 major cities in Nigeria.

Popularly known for long-distance trips, YSGM has in its fleet over 500 buses (luxurious and Shuttle) to suite customers’ desires and can customers can process their tickets either personally or via email with ease without experiencing difficulties.

Young Shall Grow also has a courier service covering major cities across Nigeria at affordable prices.

You can get more information on prices, location and services of Young Shall Grow Motors click here.

Young Shall Grow Shuttle Bus



GUO Transport was founded in 1980 as a division of G. U. Okeke & Sons Limited. They are one of the oldest and largest transport companies located in Nigeria. Their head office is located at KM3 Badagry, Express Way, Lagos state.

With over 20 outlets in Nigeria, GUO is equipped with both Luxurious and Shuttle buses in its fleets that ply both long and short distance trips.

GUO transport over the years has been singled out for providing a safe and affordable transport service system. They are popular for accommodating all classes of people by creating a fair pricing system dependent on the type of bus chosen by the customer and is strongly recommended for its regular scheduled passenger services and strict adherence to a time schedule. 

Find out more detailed information such as price list, contact details, and terminal locations of GUO transport company here.

GUO Luxury Bus


ABC Transport is popularly known for its classy services and operates in over 30 major cities in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. It was founded in 1993. The head office is located in Owerri.

Their coaching services are classified into various categories such as executive express, shuttle services, coach West Africa, cargo express, etc.

Booking has been made easy as customers can either book through their website, email, or through a 3rd party system. Walk-in bookings are also available at any of their outlets.

Popular for its discount offers for students, youth corps members, and children. ABC transport offers free tickets to customers who have made more than 11 trips using their transport company.

Strict adherence to departure time has over the years become a trademark signature of this company.

Find out more information such as price list, online booking, and contacts about ABC transport here.

ABC Transport West Africa Coach Bus

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