Lagos to Warri By Road: A Traveller’s Guide

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Warri is a city in Delta State and it is bordered by other communities within the state, such as  Ughelli, Sapele, Okpe, Udu and Uvwie.  Warri is one of the oil hubs of the country and it houses 3 major tribes; the Urhobos, Ijaws and Itsekiris.  Recently, Warri has seen an influx of non-indigenes, especially the Igbos, due to its urban and commercial nature.

Warri’s economy is bolstered by oil refineries and gas companies, and also the available raw materials. The raw materials include steel, silica, silicates which are necessary for the production of ceramics. There are many great places to visit in Warri,  such as the Palace of the Olu of Warri, Effurun Garden Park, Abraka Turf and Country Club.


Choosing A Bus

There are many things to consider before choosing a bus bound for Warri. This is because each transport company offers a different quality of service and comfort. It is important to make a detailed inquiry before buying your bus ticket for your trip.

The first thing to consider is your budget. Various ticket prices are available for the same destination. Be sure to find out what price options are available for you.

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The next point to put into consideration is the closeness of the bus park to your home. It would be best to pick a transport company which is closest to your home to minimise the chances of missing your bus.

The bus benefits are also very important. Try and find out if there are any complimentary benefits that come with your ticket. It is imperative to know how many stops will be made along the way or if a movie or any other form of entertainment is available on the bus.

Finding Warri Bound Buses from Lagos

The Interior view of a Chisco transport company bus - hotels.ngThere are many road transport companies available that travel from Lagos to Warri on a regular basis. Some of them are:

God is Good Motors

Ajah Terminal
Time: 6:00am
Average Price: N4,000
Address: Near Ajiwe Police station, Ajah
Tel: 08150846929
Email address:


GUO Transport

Iyana Ipaja Terminal
Time: 6:00am
Average Price: N6,100
Address: 167, Abeokuta Expressway Opposite, Diamond bank by Iyana Ipaja bus stop, Lagos
Tel: 08034409539


Cross Country

Yaba Terminal
Time: 6:00am
Average Price: N5,500

Address: Murtala Muhammed Way, Jibowu, Lagos
Tel: 08067024485, 07060418477

Please note: the above prices are subject to change, especially during festive periods.

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Travel Time To Warri

Express way Warri-hotels.ngThe estimated time of travel from Lagos to Warri is dependent on what route your road transport company plies. The most likely route your bus will take is via Sagamu-Benin Expy/A121. Taking this route will make your travel time about 6 hours to complete your 424.8 km journey.

Weather and traffic conditions may, however, increase your overall travel time, depending on the time of year.  The journey may take longer during festive periods as a result of the increase in traffic and road security checks.


How/What To Pack

pile-of-luggage-hotels.ngYou will be travelling from Lagos to Warri for about 5 hours, this means that the way pack your luggage should be taken seriously.

The first tip for packing your luggage adequately is to pack as light as possible with a suitcase/bag that is compact. Your luggage may be weighed and heavy bags incur an extra fee. Also, consider that you are likely to arrive at Warri in the latter part of the day (depending on when you leave) and lugging a bulky bag might be an inconvenience at that time of day.

Most transporters do not have enough space in the boot of the bus for luggage, so your luggage will be tightly packed along with that of other passengers. This implies that you should avoid using a fragile bag/suitcase.

If you have to carry heavy luggage, because of the purpose of your travel, you may want to consider sending your luggage separately. As it was mentioned earlier, most transporters do not have a lot of space available for suitcases inside their passenger vehicles.
Take a carry-on bag that contains all your essentials and valuable belongings. Keep a form of identification in this bag, just in case you need it during a security check but most importantly keep it with you at all times.

Be sure to pack some snacks in your carry-on bag. The trip from Lagos to Warri is relatively long and the stops are usually spaced hours apart. This means that there will be long stretches of time where you may not see a city or be able to purchase any food.

Where To Eat

Food-hawkers-hotels.ngThere are several places to eat between Lagos and Warri. Though different road transporters make stops at different locations, there are different places that your bus is likely to stop along the way They include Ijebu Ode, Ore, Benin City and  Sapele. You may also purchase food from the hawkers at border towns or wait till the bus stops at a fuel station to buy food from the nearest restaurant.


Places to Stay in Warri

If you plan to spend a couple of days in Warri to order to enjoy what the city has to offer, there are a lot of hotel options for you. There are different ranges of hotels available for your needs, whether it’s a luxury hotel or a comfortable low budget hotel. Some hotels to stay in include-


Travel Tips

  1. Have a form of identification on hand in case of random police checks
  2. Keep your fragile and important belonging in your carry-on bag.
  3. Take a sleep mask, this will come in handy when you want to sleep and protect your eyes from the sun rays.
  4. Get a neck pillow or a small throw pillow to allow you to sleep comfortably in case you are not seated by a window you can lean on.
  5. Go along with a book or any other form of entertainment.
  6. Try to minimise the use of your phone, so that it doesn’t run out of power upon your arrival at Warri.
  7. If you are travelling with children, be sure to inquire about the space in the vehicle and the possibility of a children’s discount.
  8. Confirm the exact location of the transport company’s Warri terminal in order help you choose the closest hotel in Warri.
  9. Take the time to stretch your legs at every stop to get your blood circulation flowing.
  10. Enjoy the long scenic ride from Lagos to Warri. You’ll pass through a lot of towns and settlements between Lagos and Warri, be sure to take it all in.

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