Lagos to Abuja By Road: A Traveller's Guide

By Jaiye

15 June 2017

Abuja is the capital of Nigeria. It is a city full of great sights and beautiful culture. In Abuja, there are so may historic sights,  beautiful natural scenery, theme parks and much more. Due to its position as the capital of the country, it is believed to be the most powerful city in West Africa and one of the most international cities in the subcontinent.  Abuja is also of course, where the headquarters of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) is situated. It also hosts the regional headquarters of Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). A road trip from Lagos to Abuja is 759.9 km by road ad should take about 12 hours.  

Choosing A Bus from Lagos to Abuja

There are several factors to consider when choosing  a bus 1. Budget: When considering the transport company to choose, you should look out for a transport company that offers a price range you can afford. 2. Convenience: It is very important that you ask about the seating arrangements, so you don't end up squashed or in a terrible seat for a 10-hour trip. 3. Proximity to your home: You should pick a transport company that has a terminal close to where you live. This would allow you to get there early on the day of your trip. call 09024097929 to book a hotel 4. Route: Different Transport companies ply different routes from Lagos to Abuja, so it is advisable to pick a bus according to your preferred route.  

Finding Abuja Bound Buses

There are several companies which offer road transport services from Lagos to Abuja. The buses which travel from Lagos to Abuja route can be found at any of the following terminals; ABC Transport Company Departure Terminal Lagos Lekki Jibowu Terminal, Lagos 22, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba Tel: 01-7741320, 08142552434 God Is Good Motors Departure Terminal Lagos Ajah  Address: Near Police Station in Ajiwe Ajah Phone Numbers: 08150846929 Email: [email protected] Chisco Transport Phone: +234-810-651-7669, +234-808-927-3799 Departure Terminals Lagos Alafia Terminal Lagos Oyingbo Terminal Lagos Empire Terminal call 09024097929 to book a flight Cross Country Transport Departure Terminal Lagos Lagos Yaba Park   Young Shall Grow Transport Departure Terminal Lagos  Address: Number: 07095138023 [email protected]  

Cost of Lagos to Abuja Buses

A bus ticket from Lagos to Abuja costs an average of N7,000 depending on the transport company and the category/ type of bus used for the journey. This is subject to change by the specific transport company.For current information on bus fares and routes, please contact the transport companies directly.  

Travel Time from Lagos to Abuja

A trip from Lagos to Abuja by road is approximately 10 hours 37 minutes. The time taken to travel by road from Abuja to Lagos is about 9 to 12 hours.  This wide time range depends on the following factors; 1. The driving speed 2. The nature and age of the vehicle 3. The condition of the road on the route taken 4. Traffic; this could be caused by various reasons, ranging from accidents to road repairs  

What to Pack 1. Pack light. A trick I apply is that I make sure every item of clothing can be worn at least 3 times. Having a small bag will also give you a lot less to worry about while getting on board the bus. 2. If you have to carry heavy bags, then you should be at the bus park about an hour earlier than the tentative take off time, so you and the transport company assistants can figure out the best way to cram your luggage into the bus. 3. Your carry-on should be a backpack or a large handbag, since you can easily drop either on the floor of the bus if you get tired of carrying it on your lap.  

What to Eat

The bus usually makes a stop at either Lokoja or Ore. You will find sufficient food items at these stop if you decide not to bring some from home. 2. It is advisable to eat light or not at all if like me, your stomach has no respect for you. This is because the only bathroom option available to you after the stop is the bushes by the roadside.    

Travel Tips 

1. A seat right beside the window would be perfect if you can get it. They are usually the first seats to go. If you would like a window seat it is advisable to get to the bus park early. 2. Prepare for weather changes by carrying a big scarf or a sweater. 3. Expect stretches of bumpy roads, so keep a packet of panadol in your bag for a resulting headache. 4. You may sleep your way through most of the trip, it'll seem faster that way. 5.  Keep your carry-on bag close to you at all times. 6. Read signposts to get your bearings. If you need advice or help when you get to your stop, ask the driver or other passengers for help. 7. Make sure you keep someone at home or at your destination abreast of your progress via text or phone call.

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