Abuja to Port Harcourt By Road: A Traveller's Guide

By Princess

03 July 2017

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Port Harcourt is the capital city of ?Rivers State. It hosts an estimated population of 1,865,000 residents, making it the largest city Rivers State. Port Harcourt is a highly touristic city. Whether it be business or leisure needs, Port Harcourt?boasts a wide variety of attractions and historical landmarks for everyone. The port town of Port Harcourt was founded in 1912 and was named after Lewis Harcourt, the then colonial secretary. Today, Port Harcourt is one of the nation?s largest port cities, which handles a large portion of the country's export. The city has attracted a lot of international attention.? So why not pay Port Harcourt a visit to learn what all the fuss is about? On your journey from Abuja to Port Harcourt, you will be traveling a distance of approximately 635km. The road is mostly well maintained?and smooth. Most travelers bound for Port Harcourt make their trips on weekends and festive periods making the roads busier at those times.  

Choosing A Bus for Your Trip from Abuja to Port Harcourt

Different transport companies offer different qualities of service and comfort, it is important to make detailed inquiries before booking your bus ticket. There are several things to consider?before choosing a bus bound for Port Harcourt. The first thing will have to consider is your budget. It is important that you pick a transport company that offers ticket prices that you are comfortable with and can afford. call 09024097929 to book a hotel The next factor to put into consideration would also be the proximity of the bus park to your home.?It is advisable to choose the?transport company which is closest to your home to reduce the chances of missing your bus. The bus route?also matters. The three major routes to Port Harcourt from Abuja are via;
  • A2 - distance?654km
  • A234 & A2 - distance727km
  • A3 - distance 698km
You would need to inquire about the route plied by each company and decide which route best favors you. Also endeavor to find out if meals are available on board, how many stops will be made along the way or if a movie or any other form of entertainment available on the bus.

call 09024097929 to book a flight

Finding Port Harcourt Bound Buses from Abuja

abc transport bus-hotels.ng There are various road transport companies available that travel from Abuja to Port Harcourt on a regular basis. Some of them include:

ABC Transport

Gwagwalada Terminal Average Price: N6,200 Time: 6:45am Jibeco Nigeria Limited, Gwagwalada, Abuja FCT Email:[email protected]  

God is Good Motors

Kubwa Terminal

Average Price: 6,650 Time: 7:00am, 7:45am No. 36, Ekukinam Street, Utako District (off Berger Junction) Tel: 096702078, 095242020, 092634148, 08142552437 Email:[email protected]  

Utako Terminal

Average Price: 8,500 Time: 6:00am, 6:45am, 7:30am Plot 114, Utako District, FCT Abuja Tel: 0815084946 Email: [email protected]  

Zuba Terminal

Average Price: 5,700 Time: 8:30am Market Space 206, Zuba Market, Abuja Tel: 0815084952 Email: [email protected]  

GUO Transport

Maraba Terminal Average Price: 7,200 Time: 7:00am Suite 9, Bomma Plaza, Along Abuja-Keffi Exp. Mararaba, Nasarawa State Tel:?09096450710  


Jabi Terminal Average Price: 4,550 Time: 6:00am Online booking available via 3rd party platforms Please Note: The above prices are subject to change. Also, note that prices tend to be inflated during festive periods.  

Travel Time from Abuja to?Port Harcourt

?road from abuja to port harcourt-1- hotels.ng The estimated time of travel from Abuja to Port Harcourt is dependent on what route your road transporter plies. Please see the estimated time of travel for the various routes below:
  • via A2: estimated travel time 10.18hrs
  • via A234 & A2: estimated travel time10.6hrs
  • via A3: estimated travel time?10.6hrs
The time of year may influence travel time. The journey may take longer during festive periods as a result of the increase of police check-points and eastbound travelers which occur at that time. Also, during the rainy season, the speed journey may reduce due to the erosion of the roads.  

How/What To Pack

You will be on the road from Abuja to Port Harcourt for 10 to 11 hours, so packing your luggage should not be taken flippantly. First of all, it is important that you?pack as light as possible with a suitcase/bag that is compact, not bulky. Your luggage may be weighed and heavy bags incur extra charges. Also, consider you will be arriving at Port Harcourt in the latter part of the day and you wouldn?t want to be dragging a heavy bag around. If you have to carry heavy luggage, you may want to consider sending your luggage separately, as most transporters do not have a lot of space available for their passenger vehicles. Keep a form of identification in this bag, just in case of random police checks. Take a carry-on bag that contains all your essentials and valuable belongings. ?Keep it with you at all times. Be sure to pack some snacks in your carry-on bag. The trip from Abuja to Port Harcourt is a long and?the stops are usually spaced hours apart. This means that there will be long stretches of time where you may not see a city or be able to purchase any food. Having food with you would be a great way to tide you over during the trip.  

What To Eat

Plantain chips hawker-hotels..ngMost road transporters make a stop at Lokoja in Kogi state, about 2 hours into the journey. Depending on the route our transporters travel through, you will be likely to make stops at the following locations; Owerri, Umuahia, Nsukka, Enugu, Aba, Onitsha, Benin, Warri. You may choose to eat at any or all of these cities. They are accustomed to the patronage of road travelers and will have a wide array of dishes on hand. These outlets may, however, be relatively expensive. You may also wish to purchase snacks from hawkers at the various border settlements. It is however highly advisable that you travel along with your own sacks because there may be long stretches of time where you may not find anywhere to purchase food items.  

Where To Stay in?Port Harcourt

If you plan to spend a couple of days in Port Harcourt to take the city in, there?are various hotels you can stay in. There are different categories of hotels for any need you might have, whether you?re looking to lavish in luxury, or to find comfort on a budget. Some hotels to stay in include;?Sparklyn Hotels and Suites,?Orian Hotels,?Apex Hilton Hotel?and?Lakewood Hotel.

call 09024097929 to book a hotel

Travel Tips

  1. Have a good night rest the day before your trip. Road travel can be very stressful.
  2. Have a form of identification on hand in case of random police checks.
  3. Take a sleep mask, this will come in handy when you want to sleep and protect your eyes from the sun.
  4. Go along with you a book or some other forms of entertainment.
  5. Be careful to conserve your phone battery so you can use your phone upon arrival at Port Harcourt.
  6. Confirm the exact location of the transporters terminal in order help you choose the closest hotel in Port Harcourt.
  7. Take the time to stretch your legs at every stop to get your blood circulation flowing.
  8. Enjoy the long scenic ride from Abuja to Port Harcourt. You?ll pass a lot of towns and beautiful scenery between Abuja and Port Harcourt, be sure to take it all in.

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