Abuja to Kaduna by Road: A Quick Traveller’s Guide

Abuja Kaduna Road

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Some people think Kaduna is a dead city, and traveling from a place like Abuja to Kaduna is a waste of time. But is not the case. Although it may not be as lively as cities like Lagos and Abuja, Kaduna remains a great place to visit, especially if you are looking for a great vacation. If you are a lover of history and cultural artworks, Kaduna is a great place for you. The city is home to artifacts that are as old as 2,500 years.

You can experience ancient royalty at the Kajuru Castle, feel the beauty of nature and wildlife at Fifth Chukker Resort and Kamuku National Park and observe the heartbeat of water-flow at Matsirga Waterfall.


Kajuru Castle in Kaduna


Travel Time from Abuja to Kaduna

The major route to take if you are traveling from Abuja to Kaduna is the Abuja/Kaduna road. To travel the distance between the two cities, which is about 200km, it should take you a little under 2 hours. This is assuming you drive at the speed of 120km/h.

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Best Time to Travel

Kaduna, like most cities in Northern Nigeria, is warm most times of the year. So you shouldn’t have any major weather concerns.The Abuja to Kaduna route is not overly congested, this means traffic is also not something you should worry about.The best time to travel is during the day, especially if you haven’t been to Kaduna before. Travelling at night is risky and not recommended. Weekends are also good for travelling as the road may be crowded during the weekdays with people going to work.


Finding a Kaduna Bound Bus from Abuja

If you are not travelling by a private car, there are several coaches and buses you may board from Abuja to Kaduna. Some reliable bus services are ABC Transport, Chisco Transport, Young Shall Grow Motors and God is Good Motors.

God is Good Motors bus fare from Abuja to Kaduna is about N1000. The company offers a comfortable 14-seater Nissan Urvan bus for this journey. Bus from Abuja to Kaduna can be located at the God is Good Motors
Mararaba Terminal – along Abuja/Keffi Road, by Abacha Road junction, via Nyanya-Mararaba, Opp. Chrisgold Plaza or Oando filling station
Zuba Terminal – Market space 206, Zuba Market
Kubwa Terminal – Block 43, Gado Nasko way, Opp. 212 Court
and Utako Terminal – Plot 113, Utako District.

You may also choose to board a bus at the different motor parks in Abuja. Buses to Kaduna are available at Jabi Motor Park, Utako Park and Karu Park. Buses to Abuja from these parks usually cost about N800.

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Now You are in Kaduna

Zazzua Gate in Kaduna

Welcome to Kaduna! We know you will have a lot of fun. There are so many great places to visit in Kaduna, boredom is not an option. There are also many places to stay in Kaduna. Whether you are in need of a budget hotel, or you need a place to relax in luxury. Whatever your desire, Kaduna has what you need. Hotel 17, Asaa Pyramid Hotel and Epitome Hotel are some great budget hotels located in the heart of Kaduna City.

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Free Things to Do in Kaduna

Kaduna is a northern city rich in culture and fitting for tourism suspiciously because of the region’s culture is quite different from other parts of the country. You would not want to miss the sights of the beautiful streets, the old grey mountains and the constant bustle on the streets. Fun and pleasure are not far-fetched in the city as there are a plethora of lounges, bars, and nightclubs that would interest any visitor.

A Travel Guide to Kaduna

Kaduna city is also the state’s capital. The city is in the northwestern part of Nigeria. Kaduna city, popularly called KD, is a major commercial city, and it has a semblance of other metropolitan cities in the east or west, experiencing an influx of people around the year. The city remains one of the bubbly cities in the North. Here’s a travel guide to the city to make your stay a memorable one.

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