Take a Trip Down History Lane When You Visit the Amalgamation House

Frontage of the Amalgamation House

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The amalgamation house was the seat of government during the colonial era. It was located in Ikot Abasi local government in Akwa Ibom state.   An old brick-walled house situated in an open compound surrounded by trees and bushes.

History of the Amalgamation House

The amalgamation house is a historical site, it signifies the birth of Nigeria. It’s the building in which Lord Lugard signed the law that brought about the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria in 1914, thus creating a single entity known as the present-day Nigeria. It is also the building in which General Olusegun Obasanjo (the former commanding officer of the Nigerian Army) and General Phillip Effiong of the Biafran Army signed the declaration of cease-fire that ended the Nigerian civil war in January 1970.

Frony view of the amalgamation house

The building is made up of wooden floors and has a wide corridor supported by wooden pillars and big windows to cross-ventilate the offices. The whole structure is built with wood with corrugated iron sheets for the roof. The original roofing sheets are still there but have turned dark brown. Inside the building, you will see historical materials such as the transistor radio, speaker, antique telephone and typewriter used by Lugard.

A visit to amalgamation house gives you the opportunity to everything about Lord Lugard’s administration including his residence, his administrative office, the native authority building, and his kitchen and the Beach Garden. Nearby attractions also include the brick-walled bungalow known as the Opobo district office, the popular Bridge of No Return at the bank of Imo River and a mock grave in memory of the Aba Women’s Riot of 1929.

How to get to amalgamation house?

The closest Airport to the amalgamation house is the Akwa Ibom International Airport. Moving from the Airport to Ikot Abasi where the building is located is about an hour and forty minutes.


Address: Marina Road, Ikpa Ibekwe, Ikot Abasi LGA

Travel Tips:

  • Go with light refreshments as there are no available restaurants within that vicinity

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