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Location: Km 12, Lagos-Ibadan Expy, Ibafo, Ogun State
Access fees: N5,000 for persons above age 2; N15,000 (with unlimited access to some over 40 rides and games)
Open Hours 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Weekends & public holidays)
Tel: 08150832977, 07051192865

Hi-Impact Planet Amusement Park and Resort offers world-class fun for the young and old, friends and families. There are games, rides and other entertaining attractions for the young and young at heart. You and your family will enjoy a good time and form magical memories. You can grab a snack or a pastry during your day of fun or enjoy full-blown intercontinental meals at the parks 3 food court.


How to Get to Hi Impact Planet Amusement Park

Hi Impact Planet Amusement Park and Resort is located just off the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.It’s really easy to find and there are lots of buses plying that route.  If you are coming from Lagos after you’ve crossed the unmanned Lagos-Ogun State border and driven past Sweet Sensation, the park is only an 8-minute drive.


Hi Impact Planet Rides

1. The Enterprise

The entreprise-hotels.ngThe Enterprise is a thrilling ride with 20 gondolas, each fitting 2 people – one sitting behind the other. The ride then rotates clockwise gaining just enough speed to keep your heart in your chest.


2. The Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel-hotels.ngAt Hi Impact Planet Amusement Park, there’s a 40-meter high wheel-like ride with mini coaches providing comfort and relaxation as you get a view of the planet and environs from up high

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3. Animatronics

The Animatronics section of the park displays a variety of lifelike robot animals. The creatures at this robot zoo are so life-like your kids might not notice the difference. It gives everyone the perfect chance to interact with “wildlife” while all the dangers are removed.


4. Indoor Arcade Games

Arcade Game- Hi Impact

Some of the indoor arcade games at Hi Impact Amusement Park include;

  • King of the Jungle
  • Big Buck Panorama
  • Aliens Armageddon
  • Transformers Deluxe
  • Packman Smash
  • Combat Pump It up Fiesta

5. The Free StylerFree

This exciting surfing simulation tosses its rides on a thrilling wave riding adventure.


6. The Hoopla



7. The Spring Ride

The spring -

The sharp ascent and free fall of the gondolas on this ride will give you the feeling of being suspended in space.


8. The Dream Machine

Hi Impact Plant

The dream machine is a beautiful eye-catching flying carousel combines beautiful light and color with a classic oscillating wave swinger experience.
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9. The Samba Balloon

Ride at Hi Impact

The Zamperla Balloon Race is a tilting, circular motion park ride particularly enjoyable for younger children. It makes its way gently up as it tilts. The little kids love it.


10. Go Kart

Get Arena, fun places to go on a date in Lekki,


11. The Rio Grand Train



12. Convoy Cars



13. The Kite Flyer

Kite Flyer-hotels.ngThis ride is a great all-family affair. Its signature vertical swinging lay-down 2 passenger gondolas that let the riders experience the sensation of free flight with a wave-like oscillating motion.

14. The Crazy Jump

Hi Impact Planet Crazy

Other Fun Activities

  • Bumper cars
  • Bumper boats
  • Haunted House
  • Watermania
  • Boeing 777 outperforming ride
  • Ice rink
  • Eye-combat games
  • Ferry spin
  • 12D Cinema

Hi Impact Planet Prices & Fees

  • The Enterprise – N2,000 per ride
  • The Ferris Wheel – N2,000 per ride
  • Indoor Games – from N500
  • The Freestyler – N2,000 per ride
  • The Hoopla – N2,000 per ride
  • The Spring Ride – N2,000 per ride
  • The Dream Machine- N2,000 per ride
  • The Samba Baloon – N1,000 per ride
  • The Rio Grand Train – N1,000 per ride
  • Go Kart – N7,500
  • Convey Cars – N1,000 per ride
  • The Kite Flyer – N1500
  • The Crazy Jump – N1000
  • The Boeing 777 – N1500 per ride

Combo Tickets


(This gives an individual unlimited access to over 40 indoor and outdoor games and rides excluding the Arcade, Aqua Zone, Kiddies Kart, Mixed Reality Zone & Go-Kart)

  • Hi Impact Planet COMBO (HIP REGULAR + ARCADE UNLIMITED) – N25,000

Accommodation At Hi Impact Planet Amusement Park and Resort

Different categories of self-service apartments are available on the premises for guests. Here are the prices of a few:

  • Single room apartment: N35,000
  • Studio apartment (with a fully functional kitchenette): N50,000
  • 2-bedroom apartment: N80,000
  • 3-bedroom apartment: N120,000
  • 5-bedroom duplex: N200,000

*All prices are per night.

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