A Business Traveler’s Guide to Calabar

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Calabar is the beautiful Capital City of Cross River State. It is home to various landmarks and Business sites in Nigeria. As a result, the city has scores of visitors on a regular basis, ranging from tourists to Businessmen.

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Business travelers aren’t known for staying really long in a city because, in no time, they’re off to another. Sometimes, they travel light and are at the mercy of whatever their destination has in store for them. As a business traveler coming down to Calabar, the following should be prioritized in planning your trip: booking an affordable airline or bus, and booking a convenient hotel. You also hope to find good places to eat and have your business meetings. You will find more than a handful of useful resources in this bountiful city.
Below are some useful guides to help you plan your journey business trip to Calabar.

A business traveler's guide to calabar, hotels.ng

What to Pack

The necessity of dry cleaning bags and dark-colored clothes cannot be overemphasized. Keeping your ironed clothes in a dry cleaning bag helps them remain wrinkle-free. Traveling with dark clothes will reduce your risk of getting soiled and needing an emergency laundry intervention. Also, before you head off to the Bus Station or Airport, double check all the important items for your business meetings and personal needs.

Getting to Calabar

This totally depends on your budget, the distance between your current location and Calabar and when you would prefer to arrive in the city. In a matter of urgency, flight are the best option. Aero Contractors, Arik Air and Air Peace are some of the airlines that operate flights to Calabar. The prices vary depending on your location but if you are in Nigeria, you can book any of these airlines at the average price of N40,000 for a return ticket, and N25,000 for a one-way ticket. Book a Flight to Calabar

If you would prefer road travel, you can make the trip with companies like ABC transport and God Is Good Motors. These are buses you can easily board from whichever part of the country you are.

Where to Stay

A business traveler's guide to vCCalabar, business trip to calabar, Hotels.ng

Once you arrive in Calabar, you will want to lodge at a nice hotel to unpack and rest,  preferably a hotel you could easily locate or one that is close to the area you will be conducting your business at. You might also like hotels really close to the Airport.

Some of the hotels closest to Margaret Ekpo Airport and their distances from it are: Treasureland hotels (1.1 miles away),  Tinapa Lakeside hotel (1.5 miles away), Channel View hotel (1.8 miles away),  and Axari Hotel & Suites (2.2 miles away). These hotels all provide standard services and also have adequate facilities that will cover your business needs like a meeting room, WiFi connection, concierge services etc.  Their on-site restaurants also offer delicious meals, both local and international.

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Conference Centres in Calabar

A business traveler's guide to Calabar, hotels.ng

There are also some Conference Centres in the city like the prominent Calabar International Conference Centre, Channel View Conference Hall and the Pyramid Hotels & Conference Centre.

Exciting and Interesting Spots in Calabar

A business traveler's guide to Calabar, hotels.ng


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This beautiful city boasts of attractions like a Botanical Garden, an International Museum, a Cultural Centre, and a Sports Complex. You could also relax at exciting spots like Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort or travel up the mountains to see Obudu Cattle Ranch at the Obudu Mountain Resort.  Don’t miss out on the fun that this city of culture & tourism has to offer. You will be really glad you took the time out to explore some of the exciting and interesting spots in Calabar.

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Calabar is the capital city of Cross River state. The original name for Calabar was Akwa Akpa, from the Efik language. It is also referred to as Canaan city. It is a beautiful industrious city and as a result,  many people travel from the city of Lagos to Calabar for a change of pace.

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