Top 5 local airlines in Nigeria

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Safety is the foremost thing on every average traveler’s mind. Everyone wants to return to their normal lives at the end of their trip and as such people tend to go for the airline that is known to have lesser casualties. They also tend to prefer airlines that provide comfort, stress-free trip and fewer delays in addition to safety. Thankfully, there are a couple of local airlines in Nigeria which have been certified to provide all these.

Let’s take a detailed at these trusted airlines and the services they provide.

1. Arik air

Local airlines in Nigeria: Arik Air

Top of our list is Arik air. The airline was founded in 2002 but did not commence operation until October 2006. It is one of the leading local airlines in Nigeria. Their headquarters is located at Arik Air Aviation Center, Muritala Muhammed Airport Lagos, Nigeria. Apart from flying locally, they are also known to ply international routes with hubs at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and Kotoka International Airport.

They currently operate with a fleet size of 22 which is made up of Boeing 737-700 (9 aircraft), Boeing 737-800 (4 aircraft), Bombardier CRJ900 (4 aircraft), Bombardier CRJ1000 (1 aircraft) and De Havilland Dash 8-400 with 2 aircraft. These aircraft can carry from as little as 72 passengers to up to 149 passengers.

It is possible to check-in online from 24 hours before your flight up until 2 hours before take-off time. This is however for only selected flights, other passengers would have to check-in at the airport after which they proceed to scan their luggage. All passengers are allowed to have one hand luggage which should weigh 6kg. In cases where the luggage exceeds this, it would be stored in the hold.

Being one of the local airlines in Nigeria, if you have a bag that weighs a maximum of 30kg, you might be required to pay excess baggage fees depending on your destination and class of travel. However, you are allowed to have as much as 10 baggage in total.

Passengers can book a flight for either roundtrip which covers to and fro journey or one way which covers only going or only returning. One way flights are known to be more expensive than roundtrips. The ticket prices vary based on your class of travel (economy or business) when you book your flight, travel destination and the take-off time you choose. Prices of tickets tend to be higher if you book less than 48 hours before your flight date.

The most travelled local routes by Arik Air and their average prices in Nigerian Naira for a one-way trip are:

Popular routes Average price (Economy class) Average Price( Business class)
Lagos-Abuja 19,277 60,360
Lagos-Port Harcourt 19,227 57,981
Lagos-Asaba 21,526 21,526
Lagos-Bauchi 36,987
Lagos-Benin 19,227 49,873
Lagos-Gombe 41,126
Lagos-Jos 23,716 57,650
Lagos-Kaduna 22,056 52,145
Lagos-Owerri 21,318
Lagos-Sokoto 37,169
Lagos-Warri 24,091 58,105
Lagos-Yola 37,584
Abuja-Lagos 21,024 58,940
Abuja-Port Harcourt 21,614 57,990
Abuja-Bauchi 36,235
Abuja-Benin 20,770 50,100
Abuja-Gombe 26,248
Abuja-Ibadan 41,773
Abuja-Ilorin 40,818
Abuja-Sokoto 20,387
Abuja- Warri 21,636 51,464
Abuja-Yola 20,835
Port Harcourt-Lagos 20,496 56,172
Port Harcourt- Abuja 21,614 57,990
Asaba-Lagos 20,026
Bauchi-Lagos 59,979
Bauchi-Abuja 36,235
Benin-Lagos 20,318 48,373
Benin-Abuja 20,770 50,100
Gombe-Lagos 35,487
Gombe-Abuja 26,248
Ibadan-Abuja 41,773
Ilorin-Abuja 40,818
Jos-Lagos 22,216 56,150
Kaduna-Lagos 20,556 50,645
Owerri-Lagos 19,818
Sokoto-Lagos 35,669
Sokoto-Abuja 20,387
Warri-Lagos 24,091 58,105
Warri-Abuja 23,136 52,964
Yola-Lagos 36,084
Yola-Abuja 20,835

Contact Details

Address: Arik Aviation Centre, Muritala Muhammed Airport (Domestic Wing), Ikeja, Lagos.
Phone Number: 01 279 9999

2. Med-View Airline

Local airlines in Nigeria: Med-View Airline

Med view airlines popularly known as the airline of Nigeria began operation in 2007, a year after Arik Air began. They initially started as a charter airline for transporting pilgrims from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia and Jeddah for Hajj but now offer other international and local services.

 As a local airline in Nigeria, Med-View Airline runs about 8 scheduled routes which are Abuja, Lagos, Enugu, Maiduguri, Port Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna and Yola. The flight prices range from N22,499 to N75,399 for a one-way trip.

Currently, Med-View Airline can boast of having 1 Boeing 767-300ER, 2 Boeing 737-400 and 1 Boeing 737-500 and they continue to expand their fleet of aircraft. Their focus is to deliver top-notch service and world-class safety.

The airline established a reward system for every passenger in order to encourage them. It is tagged the Blue Flyer Program. Every mile the passenger covers is exchanged for tickets which grants them some additional benefits. The level miles are valid until 31st December each year and resets every 1st January. This membership is in three levels:

  • Gold: grants VIP lounge access, priority boarding, and check-in transfers, extra baggage allowance, etc
  • Silver: grants priority boarding, check-ins, and transfers.
  • Bronze: allows the passenger to choose seat preference when possible.

Other services which the airline engages in includes:

  • Cargo Import / Export
  • Aircraft Charter
  • ProvideTravel Agents
  • Ground Handling
  • Airport Protocol Services

3. Air Peace

Air peace is regarded as the least expensive local airline in Nigeria. Even at that, their flight and trip quality is one of the best. It is privately owned and was founded in 2013 with the Muritala Muhammed Airport, Lagos as its headquarters. Air Peace was recently certified by IOSA as the best domestic airline of the year.

Also known as Peace Bird they currently have 23 fleets of aircraft which are 8 Boeing 737-300, 5 Boeing 737-500 SP, 1 Boeing 737-800, 1 Boeing 777-200ER, 2 Boeing 777-300, 1 Dornier 328 and 6 Embraer ERJ-145. These aircraft are used to convey passengers and for charter services to major airports/aerodromes in Nigeria. They also fly to some international countries such as the USA, South Africa, Senegal, UAE, India, Israel, and China.

The airline provides a reward system for customers known as Peace Advantage. To become a member, you should have flown with Air Peace at least three or more times and must be at least 16 years of age. After registration, you begin to earn a reward currency called peace points. These peace points are valid for an indefinite period of time and can be used to upgrade to another flight class. You would get the full benefit (extra baggage space, meals, etc.) of any flight class you upgraded to.

The popular routes of the airline and estimated ticket price for a one-way flight are as follows:

Popular routes Estimated Fee in Nigerian Naira
Abuja to Akure 23,300
Abuja to Asaba 23,300
Abuja to Benin 23,300
Abuja to Calabar 23,300
Abuja to Kano 23,300
Abuja to Lagos 23,300
Abuja to Owerri 23,300
Abuja to Port Harcourt 23,300
Abuja to Uyo 23,300
Abuja to Warri 23,300
Abuja to Yola 23,300
Akure to Abuja 23,300
Akure to Lagos 27,500
Asaba to Abuja 23,300
Asaba to Kano 23,300
Asaba to Lagos 23,300
Benin to Abuja 23,300
Benin to Lagos 23,300
Calabar to Abuja 23,300
Calabar to Lagos 23,300
Enugu to Abuja 23,300
Enugu to Lagos 23,300
Kaduna to Lagos 27,500
Kano to Abuja 23,300
Kano to Asaba 23,300
Kano to Lagos 27,500
Kano to Owerri 23,300
Lagos to Abuja 23,300
Lagos to Akure 27,500
Lagos to Asaba 23,300
Lagos to Benin 23,300
Lagos to Calabar 23,300
Lagos to Enugu 23,300
Lagos to Kaduna 27,500
Lagos to Kano 27,500
Lagos to Owerri 23,300
Lagos to Port Harcourt 23,300
Lagos to Uyo 23,300
Lagos to Warri 23,300
Lagos to Yola 27,500
Owerri to Abuja 23,300
Owerri to Kano 23,300
Owerri to Lagos 23,300
Port Harcourt to Abuja 23,300
Port Harcourt to Lagos 23,300
Uyo to Abuja 23,300
Uyo to Lagos 23,300
Warri to Abuja 23,300
Warri to Lagos 23,300
Yola to Abuja 23,300
Yola to Lagos 27,500

Contact Details

Office Address: 25, Sobo Arobiodu Street GRA, Ikeja
Phone Number: 0700FLYAIRPEACE or 070035924773223, 08140409808 (WhatsApp messages only)

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4. Dana Air

Dana Air is another one of the local airlines in Nigeria which has become a popular choice among Nigerians. It is based in Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos and has only 5 aircraft. These are 1 Boeing 737-500 and 4 McDonnell Douglas MD-83. It is currently known as the most reliable airline in Nigeria.

Dana Air operates as a domestic carrier with the following destinations: Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Uyo. As one of the most popular local airlines in Nigeria, they specialize in providing services to make customer’s trips easier. These services include a WhatsApp chat account where customers can make reservations, get flight updates, request flight upgrade, book and pay later and a whole lot more. They also have a mobile app and occasionally issue promo codes.

You can purchase a ticket for either Round trip, One way or multi-city. However, below is the one-way ticket price and routes (all prices are in Nigerian Naira):

Routes Economy Discount Economy Saver Economy Flexible Business Saver Business Flexible
Abuja to Lagos 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Abuja to Owerri 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Abuja to Port Harcourt 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Lagos to Abuja 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Lagos to Owerri 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Lagos to Port Harcourt 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Lagos to Uyo 16,200 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Owerri to Abuja 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Owerri to Lagos 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Port Harcourt to Abuja 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Port Harcourt to Lagos 20,700 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000
Uyo to Lagos 16,200 28,800 39,600 55,800 81,000

Contact Details

Office Address: Dana Airline Ltd, Murtala Muhammad Airport 2, Ikeja, Lagos
Phone number: 0700FLYDANA (07003593262), 01-280-9888, 07051190363(WhatsApp)
Email Address:

5. Aero Contractors Airline

Aero contractors online are among the oldest airlines yet one of the most popular local airlines in Nigeria. It is actually registered as Aero Contractors Company of Nigeria Limited but popularly referred to as Aero Contractors. They are based in the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.

Aero Contractors operate in two types of wings. The fixed-wing which are domestic and international passenger schedules, air charter and the rotary-wing which provides helicopter services across the country.

Their popular routes for one way trip and the average ticket prices in Nigerian Naira are as follows:

Routes Flexible Economy Business Class
Abuja-Asaba 21,645 62,460
Abuja-Kano 21,645 62,460
Abuja-Lagos 21,645 62,460
Abuja-Port Harcourt 21,645 62,460
Abuja-Sokoto 21,645 62,460
Abuja-Warri 28,260
Abuja-Yola 25,053 62,460
Asaba-Abuja 21,645 62,460
Asaba-Kano 36,333 71,660
Asaba-Lagos 19,088 62,460
Benin-Lagos 19,088 62,460
Kano-Abuja 19,088 62,178
Kano-Asaba 36,333 71,660
Kano-Lagos 21,645 62,178
Lagos-Abuja 23,145 63,960
Lagos-Asaba 23,145 63,960
Lagos-Benin 20,588 63,960
Lagos-Kano 23,145 63,678
Lagos-Port Harcourt 20,588 63,960
Lagos-Sokoto 37,833 73,160
Lagos-Warri 29,760
Lagos-Yola 37,833 73,160
Port Harcourt-Abuja 21,645 62,460
Port Harcourt-Lagos 21,645 62,460
Sokoto-Abuja 21,645 62,460
Sokoto-Lagos 36,333 71,660
Warri-Abuja 29,760
Warri-Lagos 29,760
Yola-Abuja 21,645 62,460
Yola-Lagos 36,333 71,660

Contact Details

Office Address: Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos
Phone Number: +23416284140
Email Address:

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