Filmhouse Cinemas, Ibadan

Filmhouse Cinemas is a movie theater offering a wide variety of Nollywood and Hollywood blockbuster movies in Ibadan and across other cities in Nigeria.

Filmhouse Cinemas have two outlets in the city of Ibadan, one located in Ventura Mall, and another one at Heritage Mall, Dugbe. This is one of the major cinemas in Ibadan which often sees a good number of people trooping in to see the latest movies both (local and international). They also have other facilities that make it a perfect hangout spot for couples, family, and friends.

So if you are a movie lover living in Ibadan or planing a trip to the city, I’ll recommend that you check out Filmhouse Cinemas in Ibadan.

How to get to Filmhouse Cinemas in Ibadan

From anywhere in the city, you should find a way to get to any of the outlets mentioned above either by car, bike or bus. But if you’ve never been there before it will be better you take a bike for easy navigation.

Best time to visit Filmhouse Cinemas

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Filmhouse Cinemas Ibadan

You can visit Filmhouse Cinemas at any time of the day that suits your schedule but still recommend you visit the cinemas in the evening because, most blockbuster movies premiers at the end of the day.

Filmhouse Cinemas Ibadan movie ticket prices

  • Mon – Fri (10:00AM TO 2:59PM) – ₦600
  • Public Holiday (All Day) – ₦1100
  • Student Sat & Sun (All Day) – ₦1000
  • Sat & Sun (All Day) – ₦1000
  • Student Blockbuster (All Day) – ₦1500
  • Mon – Fri (3:00PM TO 4:59PM) – ₦800
  • Mon – Fri (5:00PM TO 10:00PM) – ₦1000
  • Student Public Holiday (All Day) – ₦1100

Why you should visit the Cinemas

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Filmhouse Cinemas

Of course, it’s never a crime if you decide to stay home laying on your couch and seeing a very good movie but that experience is totally different from a cinema experience. Here are the reasons:

  • Your TV screen at home can never be big as the one at the cinemas
  • The presence of other people in the cinema makes the moment more exciting.
  • Seeing a movie is an entertaining activity
  • You get to watch previews.

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