Eko Hotel and Suites: The Home of Events, Fine Cuisine and Hospitality in Nigeria.

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Eko Hotel and Suites is a 5-star facility that is reminiscent of grandeur in so many aspects. From the rich decor to the fine cuisines on the chef’s extensive menu to the personable and attentive staff they have. Hence, the preferred event spot for the crème de la crème of the Lagos society as the hotel affords them exclusive luxury services.

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Where is Eko Hotel and Suites Located?

Eko Hotel and suites,Hotels.ng

Eko Hotel and Suites is located at 1415, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos. It is approximately 2 minutes from  Eko Atlantic City, 3 minutes from the Palms Shopping Mall and the Lekki Conservation Centre is approximately 11 km from the property. Other interesting places that are a short distance from  Eko Hotel and Suites are Maison Fahrenheit, Kuramo Beach, and Cafe NEO. Eko Hotel and Suites was designed by Oluwole Olumuyiwa and was established as Eko Holiday Inn in 1977. It is easily the largest Hotel in Nigeria.

What Facilities are Available?

Eko Hotel and Suites is one of the best facilities to stay at regardless of whether you are in the area for business or pleasure as it has certain features that make it unique. Some parts of the facility give off an old-fashioned vibe which is reinforced by the leather and wood decor. Some other parts have a vibrant and bright decor that will surely cheer you up if you are having a bad day. The artwork in some parts of the facility was tastefully picked to assure a welcoming presence for guests or potential guests.

Eko Hotel Restaurants and Bars

Eko Hotel and Suites contains a variety of rooms and a couple of event halls and restaurants. In total, the property contains 825 suites and rooms. The restaurants or places where guests can eat onsite include, the Sky Restaurant, the lagoon beach restaurant, the Calabash Bar and the Kuramo Sports Cafe. Guests can also unwind by visiting the onsite spa/massage parlour for full body massages and facial beauty treatments.

Eko Hotel and suites restaurant,Hotels.ng

Eko Hotel and suites,Hotels.ng

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Conference Centres and Banquet Halls

Eko Hotel has the largest Convention Centre in Nigeria. Some of the prestigious events that have been hosted here repeatedly include ceremonies such as the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards, AGRIKEXPO, Africa Movie Academy Awards, music concerts like OLIC, Comedy events like AY live and exhibitions like the annual Lagos Photo Festival.

Eko Hotel and suites,Hotels.ng

Eko Hotel and Suites, hotels.ng

Eko Hotel Poolside

One of the activities that guests can engage in while at Eko Hotel and Suites is swimming in the luxurious swimming pool. The pool is safe and accommodating of swimmers at all skill levels.

Eko Hotel and suites,Hotels.ng

Eko Hotel Spa and Gym

It only gets better because there is a world class gym where guests can engage in cardiovascular and strength building exercises. The gym also has state-of-the-art exercise machines that help guests to get optimal use for the duration of the workout. There are also steam rooms, a business centre, lounges where guests can hang out with friends and a medical clinic for First Aid and emergencies.

Eko Hotel and suites,Hotels.ng

What Type of Rooms is Available at Eko Hotel and Suites?

There are different room types at Eko Hotel and Suites. Some of them include the Diplomatic Suite, the Classic Suite, the Classic Superior Room, the Atlantic Superior Room and the prestigious and ostentatious presidential Suite. Each of these rooms has different features and are of different prices. The diplomatic suite contains a lounge, a balcony, a bedroom and a guest toilet. In addition to the balcony, lounge, bedroom and guest toilet, the classic rooms are ideal for travelers as all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay is been provided. It is perfect for guests who want to stay in a standard room but with a little more space.

Eko Hotel and suites,Hotels.ng

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The Classic Superior Room is marble tiled and has the same features as a Standard Room. It is also equipped with a working desk and from this room, guests get a panoramic view of Victoria Island. The Atlantic Superior Room is really no different from the Classic Superior Room. The only distinctive feature is that guests get an impressive view of the Atlantic from the room. The Presidential Suite is really built for presidents or people of their calibre. It is a suite that is one of its kind in almost all of Africa. It is a very ostentatious and extravagant room that affords not just comfort, but grandeur. The suite contains a lobby, a baggage room, a kitchen, a bedroom lobby, a bedroom and a bar/lounge/office/dining. Complimentary services are assured to guests to stay in this room type.

Eko Hotel a renowned historical place in the story of the state named after – Lagos is a landmark that ‘Lagosians’ and Nigerians, in general, are proud of.

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