Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort: Golfing Meets Fun


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Le Meridien Ibom Golf Resort located in the oil-rich city of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Its serene and peaceful atmosphere makes one feel right at home from arrival. The well-manicured lawns and golf courses are an attraction for both golfers and lovers of nature. It is surrounded by lush green vegetation and mountains that provide breathtaking views and fresh air. It also brings one close to nature and brings out the spirit of appreciation for nature and its beauty. The trails are a delight for bikers and runners, and the rooms are a class of its own.

Le Meridien Ibom has one of the best golf courses in the world, and this famed golf course has brought golfers and lovers of the sport from within and outside of the country. In 2012, it was recognized in Golf weeks magazine’s best resort course, which was the first time a course in Africa received this award. It has been home to the SPG golf tournament and its 17 hole course on a lush green grass makes playing fun and keeps the players coming back for more as well as thinking about it when not on the course. It has an on-site shop where golfers are sure to get all their quality gears and equipment to enable them to have a memorable golfing experience that will leave them pinning for more even after they leave.

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Beauty, the one word used to describe Le Meridien, no wonder it has the capacity to drag lovers of rest, nature, beauty in addition to just plain old lovers, into its nest. It has catered for the needs of many Hollywood stars seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city and industry. Its surroundings have made it possible for many producers and directors to include it in their movie locations. The vegetation around it is just the right prescription for anyone willing to run away from the bustling city for a weekend of rest.

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Le Meridien, known to drag lovers away from the world, thus helping them create their own bubble of happiness and peace, in an environment of calm, peace, serenity, free from external forces like family and friends. Also known to be the hub of many business meetings and conventions, including the Education fair 2016 which featured representatives of different reputable universities abroad scouting for bright brains to carry over to work with. Businessmen from all over also come for the purpose of relaxation and meetings, thereby reducing the strain of work.

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The hotel offers 24-hour room service as the staff are always on call at any time of the day to ensure that customer satisfaction and needs are met to the letter. It also offers a wide array of highly trained and qualified staff, with excellent communication skills. The restaurant serves an assortment of continental and intercontinental dishes to cater for the different groups of guests received at the resort on a daily basis.

Aside from golfing, guests at the resort have a range of activities to keep them busy during their time at the resort. It has an easily accessible gyming facility where people can still keep up with their workout schedule, even though they may be far from home. It has a 24-hour fitness centre, so at whatever time of the day, guests can always feel free to take off the weight from their hearts and body.

There is also biking available for leisure rides around the hotel grounds or just for plain sporting thrills.  The resort sits on a large expanse of land and it has different trails that guests can jog or do their daily runs.

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Guests at the hotel are sure of a nice line of entertainment for the night, after the day’s activities, guests can either relax at the Marina bar with a cool drink, while overlooking the course or at the piano bar, with good music, great food, and an even more exotic view. The hotel ensures optimum customer satisfaction through its provision of excellent services like food from the restaurant, 24-hour room service, a fitness centre, biking trails, golf course, and in-room complimentary high-speed internet. Also, the presence of the trees and vegetation gives customers a  feel of nature as well as fresh air. What’s not to love, from free Wi-Fi to bikes, exercise equipment, gym gears and of course room service, making one have the feeling of home away from home.

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