7 Top Things To Do At Kada Cinemas

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Address: 111 Sapele Road, Benin City, Edo State.
Open Hours: 7:30 am – 11: 00 pm
Customer care: 08055010676
E-mail: info@kadacinemas.com

Strategically located at a vantage point in the heart of Benin city, Kada cinemas serves up a movie adventure that easily makes it the number 1 go-to place for relaxation and entertainment in the city of Benin. From the low lit high definition cinema halls to the eye-catching view of the outside world from inside the plaza, you definitely want to maximize your time at the Kada plaza.

We decided to put together a catalog of things you might want to spend time on when you visit Kada cinemas.

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1. See A Movie At Kada Cinemas

With over 3 auditoriums equipped with state-of-the-art Dolby Surround audio and high-def movie screens, Kada Cinemas give you an unparalleled movie experience. Whatever time of the day, you can stroll in and catch any trending movie on their menu. You can also book your movie tickets online or buy at the cinema from the courteous attendants. Tickets purchased for movies can be made at the KADA Entertainment Centre Ticket Office or here online.

Kada Cinemas Pricelist

Below is a list of Kada Cinemas Movies pricelist
Monday₦1,500₦750 (with valid I.D)₦750
Tuesday₦1,500₦750 (with valid I.D)₦750
Wednesday₦500₦500 (with valid I.D)₦500₦500 (Half Price Special)
Thursday₦1,500₦750 (with valid I.D)₦750
Friday₦1,500₦750 (with valid I.D)₦750
Saturday₦1,500₦750 (with valid I.D)₦750
Sunday₦1,500₦750 (with valid I.D)₦750

kada cinemas-hotels.ng

2. Grab A Meal At Kung Fu Restaurant

If you’re one for the Chinese menu, then Kung Fu restaurant will fascinate you. With authentic Chinese cuisines and continental dishes made with disciplined attention to detail, you’re about to take a trip to Chinatown!

3. Get Professional Body Treatment At Eleven 11 Hair & Beauty Spot

This zone in Kada Cinemas is the perfect place to be groomed for manicures and pedicures.All you need do is sit back and relax with a complimentary drink while enjoying a standard manicure and pedicure treatment in a comfy atmosphere.

Below is a list of the services offered at this location
ManicureClip, buff, shine, massage2,000
PedicureSoak, Clip, buff, shine, massage2,500
Paint OnlyHands and Feet Charged Separately500
Full SetArtificial nails and paint3,000
Full SetAcrylic Colour4,000
RefilRefilling to existing artificial nails1,500
Nail RepairIndividual artificial nail replaced500
Soak offRemobalof artificial nails1,000
Nail ArtRhine Stones decoration100
Paraffin Waxsoftening and smothering 600

4. Hangout At The Arcade

While at Kada, you can also hang out with your kids or friends at The Arcade. This zone comprises of four units – The Playtime, Bumper Ride, Yummy Yummy and Zozo Café. Combining to create a relaxing and thrilling environment of fun, the Arcade promotes family bonding and interaction. Whether you’re out with friends or looking for a place to take the kids, you can trust the Arcade to serve up some fun.


5. Catch A Game At The Sports Bar At Kada Cinemas

In a nice and conducive atmosphere, the Sports Bar provides an environment where you can relax with your family and friends and watch different live matches of your choice. If you’re a snooker veteran, you could test your skills at the pool table. The bar has different drinks ranging from alcoholic drinks to non-alcoholic drinks and also serves comfort foods like burgers, , hicken and snacks in general.

6. Enjoy Light Drinks And Snacks At Zozo Café

Step into the café and grab yourself a hot cup of whatever brand of tea you crave. They also serve snacks and light dishes. You could also catch up on happenings in the world by reading the current newspapers provided.

kada cinemas-hotels.ng

7. Enjoy The View From The Lobby

Relax on the sofas set up nicely against the wall in the lobby at Kada Cinemas, and take in the view of the city while taking selfies or probably just charge your phone in the working wall sockets. The evening comes with a cooler and less pretentious atmosphere, where you can have a serious heart to heart conversation with.

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