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La Campagne tropicana, places to go on a date in Lekki

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La Campagne Tropicana is a 60-acre modern beach resort that is reminiscent of the tropics. From the palm trees, the white sand, the azure blue sky and the endless waters of the Atlantic ocean, La Campagne Tropicana is paradise in Lagos. It is one of the best places to go for a family trip on long holidays like Christmas, Easter, Summer or on kids’ school vacation. In terms of quality, it is one of the best beaches in Nigeria and has been frequented by dignitaries such as ex-presidents, ministers, and big business moguls.

Where Is It Located?

It is located at Ikegun, Ibeju Lekki Local Government Area, off Lekki/Epe Express Way, Lagos. It also lies on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, with Ikegun as its border. Lekki Lagoon and Ise are in close proximity to La Campagne Tropicana.La campagne tropicana amazing beach resorts in lagos -

What To Take Along When Visiting La Campagne Tropicana?

While preparing for a trip to La Campagne Tropicana, there are several things that should be taken along to enjoy the trip. Items like a face cap, sunscreen, ATM Card, ID Card, Cell phone, swimming gear, sturdy shoes, flip-flops, moisturizer, face towel and any allergy medicine for cases of emergency. It is also preferable to wear light clothing and light make-up as most of the activities there are highly physical.
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Which Facilities Are Available At La Campagne Tropicana?

Some of the facilities at La Campagne Tropicana include a swimming pool where guests can lounge and swim to their Heart’s content. Also, the swimming pool is accommodating of swimmers at any skill level. More adventurous guests can also take a dip in the freshwater lake.

La Campagne Tropicana -

There is also a health and fitness centre where guests can partake in cardiovascular and strength training exercises. There are exercise machines and gym directors to help the guests make the most of their work out session. Guests interested in outdoor recreational activities can also engage in any of the sporting activities that take place here. Some of them include volleyball, tennis, boat riding and surfing. The facility also has a 24-hour power supply and air-conditioners in all the rooms.La campagne Tropicana

The resort has a beauty and wellness spa where guests can go to relax and get massages after a long day. The spa offers services like full body massages, facials, manicure and pedicure and beauty baths. The staff here at the spa are highly qualified and professional. There is also an onsite business centre where guests can sort out any official or professional matters they might have during their stay here without having to leave the premises.
La Campagne Tropicana

The Restaurant And Bar…

In keeping with the culture and aesthetic of La Campagne Tropicana, their on-site restaurants serve a variety of African and international dishes. Most of their meals are spicy and have a twist to them. At La Campagne Tropicana, the bar also carries authentically African drinks and beverages like Palm wine, Zobo, and Kunu among others.

La Campagne Tropicana

What’s Accommodation Like At La Campagne Tropicana?

The rooms in La Campagne Tropicana have unique African names which are also in line with the aesthetic and feel of the beach resort. All rooms come with free WiFi, an en-suite private bathroom fitted with luxury and utility items that ensure a more comfortable stay for guests. The room types are Kodi, Lava, Osho and Obailerigi. Per night, Kodi and Lava price at 60, 000 naira each. The remaining two go for 90,000 and 100,000 Naira respectively.

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In all, La Campagne Tropicana contains 29 well-equipped luxury chalets.  The facility also offers event services. Guests can host events at La Campagne Tropicana at a certain price which varies according to where they want to utilize. There are also event decor services and food vendors. Here, events like company dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, Christmas and Easter parties, cookouts and so on can be hosted.

La campagne Tropicana

Which Other Services Are Available At La Campagne Tropicana?

Guests enjoy certain complimentary services when they stay at La Campagne Tropicana. Some of which are to and fro airport chauffeur services which come at no additional cost.  24-hour room service and a room safe for keeping important items. Other services that are available include laundry and newspaper delivery both at an additional charge. In all, this is a great beach resort in Lagos to visit alone, with family, friends or co-workers. It is really a place suitable for anybody who wants to unwind, relax and enjoy the pleasures of life.

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