Things to do before going into self-isolation

Self isolation

Self-isolation is necessary to help prevent the spread of corona virus as the world is still struggling to contain the virus. The number of cases and deaths continue to rise, potential carriers are still roaming at large, health facilities are getting overwhelmed and testing kits are extremely limited.

Latest updates by W.H.O as of 26th march shows the number of confirmed cases around the globe crossed the 500,000 mark. A worrying concern as we are approaching the peak months predicted to be April/May. With over 20,000 deaths and counting, self-isolation is the only credible solution to containing the virus.


Who must self isolate?

Self-isolation means staying at home and avoiding contact with people. The following conditions are the requirements for self-isolation:

  • An individual who has had contact with a confirmed case
  • A returning traveler from any of the affected states
  • An elderly, pregnant or fragile individual
  • An individual with underlying health conditions
Isolation activity

Things to do to prepare for self-isolation

Stock up on food and supplies

Since you will be at home for a duration of time, it is necessary to stock up on food items and other essentials, ensure to buy enough that will last you for a period of three months considering the uncertainty of things. Also, make sure you get a lot of fruits and food containing essential nutrients so you eat healthy and keep fit.

Create an action plan

Staying in isolation can be frustrating and boring so it’s important you compile a list of activities to keep you busy during the isolation period. You could try learning a skill, cooking, watching movies, workout challenges and any other thing that interests you. Ensure to keep in touch with friends on social media and check up on loved ones regularly.

Plan for medical care and advice

Considering the reality of things at the moment, going to the hospital during this period is highly discouraged. Therefore, it is in your best interest to refer to your doctor for any form of medical consultation whether corona virus related or not. Also, stock up on medicines and supplements as prescribed by your doctor.

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