How to build your social media presence this period

Coronavirus is shaking up business and consumer habits across the globe. There is a steady increase in the number of social media users as people believe social media usage habits will increase significantly in the event they are confined to their homes due to the Coronavirus which is the situation right now. This may come as no surprise given consumers won’t have much else to do when social distancing and self-isolating.

Social media is one of the best ways to share news nowadays, in fact, some people don’t know any other way. Whether it be COVID-19 news from individual states or news on a national scope, social media gets the message where it needs to go.

Taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to build your social media presence is not a terrible idea as long as you are doing it the right way. There are various ways to build your social media presence this coronavirus period, all you have to do is know what exactly you want to be known for and make a conscious effort into building your online brand.

Stay informed

Staying ahead of the news is a very important factor, it gives you an edge against competitors who will just be sharing regular details. You know what is in the news and what is trending, you can incorporate it into your content in order to optimize a wider reach. You do not want to make the error of doing a yard sale when everyone is currently self-isolating and practicing social distancing.

Provide solutions

The only way to build a great and lasting social media presence at a time like this is to ensure that you are providing solutions and you are staying relevant. You do not expect everyone to keep coming to your page now when all you do is provide a service that is irrelevant to the current pandemic around the world.

Curtail your content format to your target audience

You don’t target millennials and use Shakespearean language, they know the language, but would not follow because majority of them will find it boring. Ensure that whatever content

Tailor your content to be channel-specific

Try as much as you can to ensure that each of your contents is channel-specific. You do not want to bore people before you get to pass your message across. Don’t come to Twitter with a lengthy caption unless its something you are certain will keep your audience’s attention till the very end, it’s the same way you should know that a tutorial video will work better on Instagram as well. You should not create a content calendar to cut across all your social media channels, try to ensure that even while you are still selling the same thing, you are going the extra mile to be channel-specific.

Stay relevant

You do not need to be an expert in a field to actually grow your audience in that field, all you have to do is be knowledgeable and willing to do the leg work to ensure that everything you will be sharing is factual.

Create a niche that people have a need for

You can decide to start doing reviews of products that you know people need or start a tutorial on something you are very good at and will help a lot at a time when people have to stay at home. Anything you decide to do, just ensure that you have created a niche for yourself in a particular field and when anyone has a need in relation to that field, your page is the first place they go to.

Show empathy

You do not want to get on people’s toes just because they feel you are not empathic enough about the global pandemic. avoid as much as you can, contents that can be misinterpreted. And make sure that irrespective of the brand you decide to build for yourself, people love the way you go about it. Don’t keep talking about parties and outings like you are a stranger to the pandemic in town.

Make people yearn to visit your page

The only way people will want to visit your page and get accustomed to your online brand is if they know that you have a solution to their current needs. Don’t go about confusing people about your real intent, as much as you can, ensure that you are giving value.

Be consistent

Don’t post today and expect to get a magical growth overnight, it does not happen that way. You have to be consistent at what you do and ensure that people are always getting something new and fresh each time they visit your page. Don’t be stagnant and expect magic to happen, Rome was not built in a day.

Ensure you don’t appear too profit-oriented

If you come across as someone whose only interest is to make money while people are dying of coronavirus, then you will be making some enemies more than friends. Ensure that whatever you do, you are being cautious and clear enough to make people have a need for it. Don’t come across as a seller, people will run from you as they are trying to save for the uncertain days ahead.

Be creative

People are really bored at home these days so the same content that worked last month will not do the same magic this month. Find new and creative ways to share the same thing, do a little bit of research and add new things to educate your audience. Don’t bore them with the same content.

Be engaging

Don’t just throw your ideas out there and keep pushing it down the throats of your audience. Try as much as you can to be engaging, that way you can also get feedback directly from your audience on how to improve and you also get to entertain yourself at the same time.

Ensuring your page is appealing enough to keep people coming back is the goal. You can’t build your presence on social media by doing nothing. Keep at it, find your niche and don’t stop pushing. There is always an audience out there for you as long as you know how to make things happen.

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